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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: How Do You Change the World?
Recently, I saw an exhibition of paintings by a very talented artist. He clearly has a social conscience and his depictions of the pain and misery of disenfranchised and minority people are so vivid and real you can't help but feel the pain in viewing the paintings.
The artist is a warm, friendly, humble man whom I approached with a question, "does he ever paint another side of life?" He seemed interested in engaging in a conversation about it and frankly I was surprised at myself for even approaching him. I have never considered myself either knowledgeable or beyond too shy to talk about art to an artist this way,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. But, I felt compelled and in hindsight I know why.
As a 60's activist and an angry idealist, I would have wanted his pictures out there in the face of those whom I and he blamed for the social injustices he expressed so people would realize and wake up.
Well, decades later, I now know that doesn't work,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

or alcohol. The ease of transition from full-time to part-time resident

Where Can Addicted Adults Go to Get Their Life Back? by Nick Messe
Alcoholics and people with drug problems are lost and out of control in their lives, and that is a scary place to be. It isn't something they can grab hold of and get back the control,It doesn't have boundaries in any degree, at least not on their own. Drug and alcohol addiction are difficult to assess for friends and family. It is hard to point fingers when the addict is not doing anything they may also do without the addictions.
However, once you know your loved one has a serious problem there is something you can do. The good news is that while alcohol and drug addiction are complex, they are treatable. You can help your loved ones get the help they desperately need. The first step is often helping them understand that there is hope.
However,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots, hope is not always enough,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots. Sometimes the opiate-dependent adult fights the idea of getting the help that they realize they need, and even want because they are scared. The thought of going into rehab is scary when you don't know what to expect. You can help your loved ones understand the truth about their alcohol abuse or drug problem, and what rehab facilities are really like.
Drug rehab centers provide a safe place for adults with opiate dependency, alcohol, or other drug addictions to deal with the real physical and psychological difficulties of breaking the grip of their needs,Whether you feel that you have sufficient self confidence. These facilities do more than just keep patients safe while they go through the difficulties, they can offer help for the physical discomfort, and guidance through the emotional dependency.
In the beginning,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots,our self, most patients with dependencies, and alcohol addiction stay at the facility on a full-time basis. This residence program gets them through the most difficult time when the physical side of the addiction is the strongest.
The early stages of detox are painful to do alone. With help from health care professionals including nurses, doctors and psychologists the physical discomfort of detoxification are greatly reduced. Emotional support, constant attendance to physical needs and carefully regulated pharmaceutical support all help the patient get through the side-effects of drug and alcohol dependent detox. It becomes manageable for the patient and they do not feel like they are alone in their misery.
After the detoxification, and therapy for the emotional dependency to opiates or alcohol, patients often move on to a halfway house where they can begin to incorporate a connection to the outside world with their continued support for dependency.
The end goal is to transition into an atmosphere of outpatient therapy and group support that helps the person adjust to his or her life without drugs, or alcohol. The ease of transition from full-time to part-time resident, and finally into a supported outpatient program allows patients to get back to work and develop a productive lifestyle that will give them hope for the future.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Imagine your hair as a sponge absorbing water. Before you get in the pool

How to Repair Swimming Hair Damage by Roger Hall
Imagine your hair as a sponge absorbing water. Before you get in the pool, wet your hair with fresh water. With non-chlorinated water on board, your hair won't be able to soak-up as much chlorine while you swim. And always rinse your hair with clean water after swimming; chlorine in pools not only dries-out your hair, but will fade the colour too.
Chlorine in swimming pools can cause sebum - oil that lubricates your hair shaft - to start building up in your hair follicles. As time passes follicles can become blocked, creating further hair damage. After Swimming use a good 'clarifying' shampoo,After the Examination. The main ingredient to look for is EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid). It's like a chemical claw, removing chlorine from your hair.
Baking soda is a wonderfully inexpensive home remedy. Shampoo as usual, but add ¼ cup baking soda to your shampoo. Using this mixture once a week can remove water impurities and lighten your hair. Also consider mixing baking soda with hair conditioner in your hand to condition the ends of your hair. It'll give your hair more volume, body and health.
Protect Your Hair from the Inside
Drinking plenty of water every day is a good way to lubricate damaged or excessively dry hair. Other liquids such as herbal teas and fruit juices also help. Be moderate in your use of coffee and colas, as they can cause dehydration to your hair and skin.
A healthy diet and recommended use of vitamins will help the overall health of your hair by providing a boost of minerals and nutrients. Besides feeding hair with vitamins,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, minerals and amino acids you can crank up the moisture by adding daily Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) supplements. Flax Seed is reported to be a great EFA that softens a woman's hair and skin.
Be Gentle
Don't mangle your hair by brushing it when wet. Instead, comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Work out tangles as you move from the ends toward the scalp. Don't over dry - leave some moisture in to prevent static. Use care when styling. Your hair will be better-off if you don't use styling appliances; but if you must, don't let your hair get too hot and avoid aggressive manipulation of your hair,calm temperament.
Hats Best to Stop Damaging Rays
UV-radiation from the sun can damage your hair, fading colour and making it brittle,naked communal bathing. Although some hair care products claim they contain sun protection, wearing a hat or cap around the pool or beach to is the simplest, most effective way to look after your hair.
Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments
If you already have damaged hair, perhaps it's time for intensive treatment to turn the tide for your bruised hair cuticles. Whether you whip up your own recipe, go to your favourite salon or buy an off-the-shelf product, you may need to perform intensive conditioning at least once a week.
Salon treatments are more expensive and usually involve the application of a healing hair masque or deep conditioning product to return your hair to its natural, healthy appearance.
Keep these tips in mind next time you're at the pool or beach. With a little care and know-how, you can maintain great-looking hair while enjoying the benefits of outdoor exercise.
Copyright 2006 Roger Hall

Saturday, October 27, 2012

there's a good chance that you've been told to stick to dark colors like black

Being Plus Size Doesn't Limit Your Choices by Andrea Dilea
Clothes shopping can be a chore, and even more so if you're a plus sized woman. No matter what size you are, developing a shopping strategy before you hit the mall is a good idea. If you are looking for clothes that fit well and you're a plus size, this goes double for you! So take a look at the few tips below and make sure that you're a best dressed gal this winter,Why Is Induced Labor Needed.
First, there's a good chance that you've been told to stick to dark colors like black, gray and maroon, but this is not really the case. Cut will always beat color in terms of importance when it comes to looking good, so when it boils down to it, a well-cut outfit in tangerine orange will look just as good as one in charcoal gray,and could be worn with just about anything like the Irish cardigans.. Make sure that the outfits you are wearing aren't just composed of tubes; look for a taper around the waist and hips, depending on your build and make sure that above all, you clothing is comfortable,Men and Sperm Health. Similarly, make sure that no matter what you wear, you feel good in it.
Not all body types look good in the same style of clothes. Oftentimes, "plus-sized" lines of apparel are only oversized versions of their garments for smaller women. The sad reality is that these clothes were designed with the smaller woman in mind, and frequently do not have the same flattering effect on the plus size girl. Stand in front of your mirror and decide what features you'd like to accentuate, rather than what you'd like to disguise. If you have voluptuous curves, pick styles of clothing that enhance them. Wide-hipped women should opt for curvy A-line skirts rather than broomstick skirts. When shopping for skirts, be conscious of hem length. Skirts that fall at your calf will shorten the appearance of your legs, but floor- or knee-length skirts will flatter.
When going out in the winter, remember that layering is your friend. One way to stay warm and look great is to layer several thinner tops on top of one another,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Avoid the bulky sweater or pull over and instead layer a long sleeved stretch top under a snappy short sleeved shirt for casual wear. The thinner layers will cling to you to provide better warmth while maintaining an attractive silhouette. Look for clothes that mix and match well, and you'll have plenty of options all winter.
Remember that shopping for plus sized clothing doesn't mean that you have to be stuck wearing something that fits you poorly or is unattractive on you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

if that's the case

Can You Wear Casual Clothes Clubbing,Avoid excess exposure to extremes of temperature?
My answer is why not? Now, let's take define casual clothes for a moment here. Casual is defined as relaxed, comfortable, sporty, laid-back and informal. Now, if that's the case, I don't see a problem with wearing casual clothes clubbing. Obviously, we want to look good when we go clubbing because of the fact that we either want to attract the opposite sex, look classy or perhaps keep our image intact,7. Vomiting or nausea.
But I have seen lots of women and celebrities who look fanta-bulous in casual clothes in clubs too. In fact, what you can do is flip through some magazines and you'll soon see that even celebrities wear casual clothes clubbing,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. The point is that we're comfortable in the casual clothes that we wear and don't compromise the way we look.
First off, the casual clothes that you choose to wear to go clubbing should have nice colors. If you feel like it, wear something with attractive prints. Perhaps, with a popular saying or an expressive t-shirt or something. Casual clothes that give you a personality boost. Casual clothes that gives you character no, let me say that again, casual clothes that enhance your personal character.
As long as you don't choose casual clothes that are either too baggy and the casual clothes should make you look neat and presentable. When you're wearing casual clothes clubbing, slippers, sandals and sports shoes are totally out of the question, regardless of the attire. The belts and accessories that you have on with your casual clothes will definitely make a big difference to your clubbing experience. Try a nice little casual tank top with cropped khaki pants with large hoop earrings for a change.
You're not expected to be able to afford the kind of clubbing clothes that a CEO or royalty can afford but it's essential that you invest in good quality casual clothes for clubbing. The bottom line is your clubbing casual clothes should never be your gym clothes or jeans. Well, ok, sometimes you can pull it off with nicely pressed casual clothes with jeans,green onions.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clinical Evaluation

Stretching the Truth by Patsy Champagne
For most new mothers, the thought of stretch marks are horrifying! For those that have had them for a while, they have become a fact of life. However, there seems to be some major mis-information out there regarding their prevention and elimination. Knowing that most women will experience these during their pregnancy, I thought that we should take a moment to explore this expanding problem.
Clinical Evaluation:
The first question you have to ask yourself when dealing with the human body is whether or not there is any clinical information on the subject.
The clinical community will refer to stretch marks that occur during pregnancy as Striae gravidarum. This is the the tearing of the dermis or middle (shape retaining) layer of the skin. While most stretch marks will appear to be purple or reddish in the beginning, this will normally fade over time. Here are the most commonly referred to treatments for this problem:
Topical Creams / Ointments
Laser Therapy
Tummy Tuck
Without going into too much detail, there appears to be some consensus on the success of at least two of the treatments; laser therapy, tummy tucks. While there is more research being done on the most non-invasive solution,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, topical creams, there doesn't appear to be any standout solution here.
A direct reference to the U.S. National Library of Medicine states:
Creams and ointments that claim to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy are of little value3
Although this statement appears fairly conclusive, there are two clinical trials that we can look at. Unfortunately, only one used a placebo control and is therefore of any real value. In that trial women used Trofolastin, an ointment containing Centella asiatica extract, alpha tocopherol and collagen-elastin hydrolysates. With massage, this ointment was associated with less women developing stretch marks.1
As for laser therapy, there appears to be much more hope from a clinical standpoint. A recent study from the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami looked at recent literature regarding the use of newer optical devices and laser therapy. Their conclusion:
"The therapeutic strategies are numerous,You may have an infection which is usually an odorless, and no single modality has been far more consistent than the rest. The long-term future of treatment strategies is encouraging with the advance in laser technologies."2
While laser technologies cannot prevent stretch marks, the results can be impressive according to many dermatologists,about three to four weeks. According to the Cleveland Clinic,
"Dermatologic surgeons can now use lasers to remove or improve stretch marks. The heat from the laser light triggers new elastin production in the deeper layers where the stretch marks are formed. As a result, your skin will have a tighter and smoother appearance."
Lastly, there is the tried and true tummy tuck. This procedure is where they surgically remove the skin where the stretch marks occur. I won't go into any detail on this procedure, just in case you are eating.
What can I say; after reading as much as I could take on the subject, it is still a confusing topic. While there seems to be some hope on the topical ointment Trofolastin for prevention, the clinical data for removing existing marks is non-existent. Unfortunately, the alternative treatments are costly and often time consuming, not to mention they aren't normally covered by your insurance.
And of course, we've all heard about cocoa butter, but with all of the hype there is little to back it up. Even Tyra Banks had a show about a product called Trilastin SR, that showed impressive before and after photos; yet again, no clinical backing.
For those of us with existing marks, I guess we will have to save our money for lasers or continue to be guinea pigs for the late night info-mercials.
One thing is for sure, if this is a topic that concerns you, speak with your physician! If your OBGYN tells you to suck it up, then talk to a dermatologist. Their advice is the only one that I would take on something this important. At least this way, whatever you decide, you can decide to be informed!
1.) Young GL, Jewell D. (2000). "Creams for preventing stretch marks in pregnancy". Cochrane Database Syst Rev (2): CD000066
2.) Dermatol Surg. 2009 Apr;35(4):563-73
4,No need to organize your purse.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

and what amount of work is required to make that money.

Choose the Work at Home Business for You
When your office feels like a prison and the boss is really getting you down, working from home seems to be the ideal. You can work from home by starting a business from scratch or joining a legitimate work at home business opportunity, affiliate program or franchise. Working at home means you can do something you enjoy, "sack" difficult clients, put difficult bosses behind you, and avoid a lot of the daily stress faced by employees. The home based business industry is expanding rapidly and research suggests that revenue from home-based businesses will increase by up to 17% a year for the next five years. Home based business can mean a consultancy, franchise, affiliate program, network marketing, party plan, internet sales, and many more.
It's a big step from being employed to working for yourself, so plan as far ahead as possible. You will need to think about the effects on all areas of your life to prepare yourself, before you actually leave your job. With corporate cutbacks, redundancy can be the trigger for starting a home based business, and in this case you may have no scope for planning ahead. If you are made redundant try to negotiate as many extra benefits as you can from your employer: for example pay in lieu of notice, use of company equipment such as mobile phone or computer. Also see if there is any training your employer could pay for, to help you in your business, such as internet skills.
If you have no other income, you will need some savings to carry you through your business start-up period: work out basic living expenses for six months and try to put at least that sum aside. Don't forget that you will need to provide for benefits you may have received from employment, such as health insurance, pension contributions or a use of a company vehicle. Of course, if you have a spouse or partner who is employed and is willing to provide these necessities during your start up phase, you are buying yourself extra startup time.
Of course you will want a comfortable and quiet work area, ideally away from the rest of your household. This is important not only to reduce noise, but also to create the psychology of being "at work" and not "at home" when you need to concentrate. While some lucky people do manage to start their home business from the kitchen table, you'll find the separation will help you run your business much more efficiently. Don't forget to allow space for storage and meeting visitors, if your business involves this.
When you are working from home to help your business succeed, sometimes long and unusual hours, it is easy to ignore both your physical and mental health. The usual advice applies - proper diet and exercise, and even if you don't have a family at home, don't work all the time. Entrepreneurs often report that the one aspect they miss in home working is the contact with colleagues, so be sure to maintain a social life, possibly through a business networking or support group. Try to surround yourself with positive, supportive people, and be sure to explain your business idea fully to your family. They will be a critical part of your support system. Those who love you the most aren't usually trying to stand in your way - it's just that starting a home business may be something unknown to them, and like everyone, they tend to be fearful of something they don't understand.
Benefits of a home based business
Working from home is a different way of life from 9-5 employment and offers benefits - monetary or lifestyle that can far outweigh those found as an employee. Whether you work at home already, are thinking about it, or your life circumstances now make working from home necessary or possible, be sure to think these benefits through as you choose your employment options.
Financial benefits are not always the prime motivator. Many people are willing to take a reduction in income to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of working from home. There is a huge sense of freedom in being able to plan your own timetable. You can make appointments, do your shopping, and run other errands without trying to fit everything into a lunch hour or on the way home from work when everyone else is doing the same thing. You can take advantage of a glorious day to take your dog for a long walk, or stop to watch sport for an hour in the afternoon. You may need to start earlier or finish later to compensate - but the point is that you have this freedom when working for yourself.
In addition to time freedom, another big benefit of working at home is a reduction in stress. Of course, any business will bring its own pressures, but there are certain stressful situations that can be avoided by working at home. and the less stressed you are, the more energy and enthusiasm you have, energy that can be spent on your family or business! The daily commute can literally be a few feet to an office or other work area. You can avoid the stress, time and wear and tear involved in the traditional daily commute, and literally add two hours to your working day.
Choosing the right business for you
Many escapees from the corporate world don't have a clear, transferable set of skills that they can use in their own business. For example, an engineer can see a number of uses for the skills used in their former job. For the rest of us a little more imagination may be needed.
The key to success is to keep an open mind and do not dismiss an opportunity because it is different form things you have done before. Look around at the opportunities available for online and offline businesses,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, surf the net, visit sites that offer advice. Also remember that you could be involved in more than one business.
There is a wide range of business opportunities to consider, including Affiliate programs, Internet based businesses, retail sales, network marketing, party planning. Many are highly reputable companies with successful track records. It's important to find out as much as possible about the company and to contact those already involved so you understand any risks you may be taking, how long before you can reasonably expect to make serious money, and what amount of work is required to make that money.
Be practical in your expectations of a homebased business: enormous income in a very short time is unrealistic, and a legitimate home business will not promise this. However, many offer a steady income stream that can increase gradually. It takes a certain amount of time to build any successful business. By starting and maintaining a legitimate home-based business, you can achieve your dream of being your own boss.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

which is true to geometric nature. They are light and easy to wear.

Customized Wristbands
In recent years silicone customized wristbands have become quite popular among the youth and a large number of the adult population. Silicone customized wristbands are often worn to demonstrate support for a cause or as a fashion statement and in some cases the customized wristbands are worn for both reasons!
As always marketing strategists and advertisers tend to be wary when monitoring the viability of perceived fashion statements as marketing tools. This is because what is deemed a current trend this month might lose appeal the next month. No one wants to be the guy who had the idea to buy 500,000 customized wristbands wholesale, only to have them stockpiled, due to the fact that no one wants to buy customized wristbands anymore,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff.
A lot of trends that people believed were going to last have disappeared overnight. Some never even made it to the fad stage and disappeared leaving the unwise wholesale buyers, marketers and makers of these products in a serious dilemma.
Most marketers remember fads such as the jelly shoes of the eighties, Lace fingerless gloves, Frisbees (remember them?) and we all remember how hot fanny packs were in the nineties but now they're considered a serious fashion no-no.
More often than not what we buy tends to be an expression of the times like disco or an expression of fashion like bell-bottomed trousers. An old fad is quickly succeeded by a new one especially in the fashion arena. But there are a couple of items that made it past the fad stage including the wristwatch, zippers and the umbrella. The question remains: Are customized silicone wristbands a thing of the now or the future? Should anyone consider using customized wristbands as a marketing tool or as a means to raise funds during charity campaigns?
In order to figure this out we have to understand what factors contribute to turning a fad into a constant need. Knowing this we can come to a consensus in the case of customized wristbands and knows whether to buy them or avoid them for the future.
There are three major factors that are responsible for changing a fads status from trend to acceptable standard and they are:
Geometry, Size and Design The design of an object contributes a lot to its lifespan. In marketing and fashion, the accepted consensus is that objects that stay closer to geometric form are more likely to withstand time than others (the flatter and more rectangular a TV gets the more popular it becomes). Another factor in design is the size of the object, smaller is often better than bigger (cell phones, computers). Personalized wristbands satisfy these criteria. They are circular in shape, which is true to geometric nature. They are light and easy to wear.
Availability of Better Substitutes When an object has a purpose, it can only be replaced by another object that fulfills its purpose better. Personalized wristbands are cheap and affordable and they satisfy their purpose rather well. It is also true that when something is easily affordable; it's hard to get a replacement.
Culture When an object becomes part of a widespread acceptable culture it is often hard to dissociate the object from that culture. This is true even in the case of negative and positive stereotypes. The act giving is positive and charity wristbands are consistently being associated with giving and are steadily becoming part of the giving culture.
These are a few strong points; many more exist to buttress the viability of the customized wristband. So whether you buy wholesale or retail for fashion or charity, customized, personalized or otherwise, the consensus seems to be that the silicone wristbands are here to stay.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

is ensure that person is right for your needs

Winning Tactics for Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Surgery
By the time you finish reading this you will understand the key points to consider when chosing the right surgeon to perform your breast surgery.
I don't know a thing about you, but I'll bet that now you have decided that you really want breast surgery, you are scared to death about things going wrong, and know that you are putting your valuable assets into the hands of one person.
What you need to do NOW, is ensure that person is right for your needs, and I am about to show you how to do that.
1. Good Communication is Key
Communication is a necessary key to having a good doctor-patient relationship. If you cannot communicate what it is that you desire, how can you expect your surgeon to know what it is that you want or what your expectations are?
Be sure that they are open to your desires and wishes as well as what they may believe is realistic. This is your body, and you are the paying client, you essentially interview the surgeon for a job, although this is more important as this is your health and well being.
Communication is also a very important aspect of any surgery. Please don't be afraid to speak up. Besides, your surgeon needs your input. Go into a surgeon's office with an idea of what it is you want. Explain these desires to your surgeon then listen to what they have to say about what they think can be realistically achieved.
2. Board Certification & What It Means
One thing you may have heard is to choose only a "Board Certified Plastic Surgeon." This can be confusing as there are many boards to be certified by. Unfortunately, there are doctors who advertise themselves as being 'board certified' on their website but do not say in what. Some may be misleading and may very well have a certification in pathology, or urology, hardly beneficial in cosmetic plastic surgery.
Get to know what to look for, what credentials your surgeon has and verify them.
Also, you must understand while board certification can be important, it is not the end all, be all of cosmetic plastic surgery. An artistic eye, good communication skills and surgical expertise are all equally important for a satisfactory outcome.
3. Ask Around
If you have a friend or relative who works in the medical field, and if you feel comfortable discussing the matter, ask them who is the best scalpel in town. Ask your general practitioner, or ask your gynaecologist. They usually know of a good surgeon that you may want to check out, or maybe who to avoid. Even ask around your gym or salon if you feel comfortable enough, people talk to their hair stylists about everything and many gush about their surgeons.
Appearing on TV or in magazines does not mean that a surgeon is a great one. Use this media for information, but do not let them make your decision for you.
4. Know that They Can Cope With Any Problems
A good surgeon can not only do a good job when everything is going well, but can cope with any problems that sometimes arise.
It is no good having a surgeon who can only cope when things are going to plan,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Understand their problem coping strategy too!
5. Research Your Surgeon
Now that you have a list of candidates to perform your surgery, you must now research their credentials, and malpractice history.
Not all information is made available to the public, so relying on word of mouth of real patients can be invaluable. This may be a lot of information to absorb but it is very important, your life and physical well-being may depend upon it.
The Internet is now full of plastic surgery information sites designed simply to get your business and not educate or support you during this very important journey; where do you start??
A good place is to follow one of the following links to check a large Surgeon Referral Database.

Also, this site has a message board and support forum , which is another way to understand if anyone has prior experience with the surgeon(s) you are considering using.
This is a difficult and time-consuming process, but you may find that a forum such as this helpful.
6. In Conclusion......
Instant rapport and open communication is vital. They must make you feel important, and an equal. Any questions you have must be treated with respect, and no matter how silly it sounds to you, they are all valid. All your questions must be answered to your satisfaction.
Now that you know this, you are as well equipped as you can possibly be to chose the right plastic surgeon to suit YOU!

Friday, October 19, 2012

to learn how to protect herself

Rape Defense Training: One Woman's Crusade
How can the life of one man be changed by one woman - a woman he doesn't know - one he had accidently encountered in a fast food restaurant nearly two decades ago? How can meeting and listening to her speak for less than an hour, forever change the way he thought about and taught women's self defense and rape prevention? Let me tell you.
Susan's Story:
One Woman's Story That Changed My Life (part 1)
I, like most men, had grown up in an era, much like those of the decades before, that collectively believed that women who were raped:
1) Were never really raped at all. Instead they were mad at their boyfriend or "some-guy" for whatever reason and were using this as a weapon to "get him in trouble." Or, worse yet,
2) Were "asking for it" because of they way they dressed, talked, or presented themselves.
As for the first belief, I believe that this may happen occasionally. However, one would have to be living in a cultural vaccuum to believe that this is the reason that a six year old tells that she was "touched and now it hurts," or the nun who is found battered and bruised who reports that a she was sexually assaulted by a seventeen year old. And the second belief? Can you imagine the burglar sitting in court and saying, "Your honor, honestly, I mean the way that TV was placed in that display window, all sleak and shiny and with such a fine picture tube and all - I mean, c'mon your honor, it was just asking to be stolen." Can you?
One of the 'things' that put me on the road that I eventually followed in becoming a police officer, bodyguard and self protection teacher, is my own inherent 'distrust' and rebellion against what we'll call conventional wisdom. I can't tell you how painful it has been for me to listen to law enforcement officials, lawyers, judges and even so-called self-defense experts expressing either or both of these same beliefs. Especially in light of all of the evidence that's available.
Anyway, one day, several years ago, minding my own business, I find myself in a McDonald's restaurant. While enjoying lunch with my wife and two children, I pick up on, what sounded like a evangelical presentation at some table across from where we were sitting. This, coupled with the obvious discomfort displayed by the faces and bodies of the man and woman that were the recipients of the message. At the time, I was a federal police officer with about six years of street experience under my belt so disturbances like these were something that I naturally and instinctly tuned in on.
What I found when I looked was a small woman, roughly in her late twenties but no more than thirty, talking to a couple at the next table. The look on the woman's face was no less than passionate and her tone was very direct - almost panicked. But, not for herself, for the man's female companion. What I heard next, forever changed the way that I would talk about the subjects of rape and women's self-defense.
You see, this woman, we'll call her Susan, had been the victim of rape. By the time I met her, Susan had recovered significantly from what would be described today as post traumatic stress disorder - the traumatic mental and emotional aftermath of what began as a physical attack on her body. Unlike most victims of rape though, Susan had taken it upon herself to tell every woman - and man or men connected to her - her story, the lessons she had learned, most of all, to learn how to protect herself! In fact Susan was on a crusade. She gave talks to schools, groups, and yes, even the impromptu presentations like the one I was witnessing, in a McDonald's restaurant. And, she was very good at it. Because for Susan, it was personal.
I think that part of the reason for the discomfort in Susan's listeners was that Susan was talking about a subject that is taboo, and especially with strangers. I mean, really, rape? That's sex, right? Yeah, sure, it's a crime, but it's a "sex" crime - "sex" - you don't talk about that, right? But Susan did, and she was passionate about it.
Susan was passionate about it because this one incident, this one type of assault that's routinely trivialized and ignored in our homes, in our schools, and, yes, in our courts, had shattered almost every belief that she had about the crime, who it happens to and her own ability to cope with it.
She was looking at and talking to the man when I came into the conversation. "Do you love her?," she was asking him. "How much?"
"Of course," he said. "But it's my job to protect her." All the while his companion snuggled close to him, nodding in agreement, but abviously avoiding the committed look in Susan's determined eyes.
"But, you can't protect her," was Susan's reply.
"Can't protect her?" The very words stab into a man's ego and the look on her target's face told me that this was a sensitive issue and one that was not open for discussion. Because for him, and most men in general, protecting one's loved-ones is not a possibility, it's a given.
But, Susan was unstoppable. "How much time are you with her in an average day?" was Susan's next question. "Do you work? Does she? Because," continued this little woman with fire in her heart, "unless you're with her every day, all the time, you can't even begin to say that."
Then, came Susan's personal story of trajedy in the face of what she had held to be true for her entire life. Everything she had been taught: good girls don't have to worry about rape, only the pretty or promiscuous girls get raped, if it does happen just give him what he wants and you'll be fine; every belief she could think of that supported her self-assurance that 'she' was not and never would be a target, was shattered and crushed by the reality she had never been taught and for many women, never accepted.
She told the couple that, prior to her attacker's brutal assault, she too held the beliefs that she was hearing from them. She told them that their answers were not unique. She heard them from just about everyone, everywhere she went. But, as Susan found out, these answers where only providing a false sense of security - security that had at it's foundation not stone and mortar, but toothpicks and glue. And, if her listener's did nothing to correct those beliefs, they would find themselves in the same condition she was left in by her attacker - used, confused, and feeling empty and lost, with nowhere to hide.
As Susan's story went on, we find that the physical wounds from rape heal very quickly compared to the invisible scarring that, like seeds waiting for Springtime, lies dormant under the surface - hidden from the world - until the right time. Because, as Susan pointed out, what she didn't know about rape combined with what she didn't know about how her body would respond to it, caused her more hurt and suffering in the long term than the actual physical act itself.
Susan told her listeners that, she did not resist her attacker. After all, he just wanted sex, right? It's just about the sex. She did not resist, consciously,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Well, not until he started beating her.
Susan's story shows the truth that rape is not a crime of sex, it's a crime of violence. I know you've heard this before. It's the cornerstone of the whole rape-prevention educational system today and is at the forefront of programs given by rape crisis centers in most places in the world. And, while this is not the truth in every case, especially in date rape and rape involving college girls where the man really does want the sex and is willing to get it by force, in Susan's case, her assailant didn't want sex for the pleasure of sex. No, to him, sex was a weapon to dominate, humiliate, and control a woman because it attacks her at her very core. To a rapist, sex is a tool that, when used in this way, violates that one part of a woman's body and her inner-self that she believes she has complete control of.
In part 2, you'll get a glimpse of the aftermath of Susan's experience, her discoveries and eventual realization that both allowed her to recover and re-introduce the family members and other male friends she had alienated back into her life. I hope you've been able to learn something from this story up to this point. To read part two of Susan's story and find out how it changed me and my approach to teaching self-defense to both men and women, go here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

your body has to try to compensate again

Get Relief for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats related to Menopause
It seems like the late 30's or early 40's should be when women can have the time of her lives. The kids are probably gone, or at least a little grown up, and the career choices have been made,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff.
Unfortunately, your hormones will soon begin changing and you may soon start gong into menopause. While menopause should be a reason to celebrate (no more monthly cycles), many women experience irritating side effects when there is less of the hormone estrogen in the system. The most common side effect is hot flashes (or hot flushes, as some call them when they cause flushing or redness of the skin).
Only 15% of women do not suffer from hot flashes, for the rest of us, the flashes can last from five to fifteen minutes at a time. Medical professionals have not determined how to tell how long (in months) they will continue. Because the body is trying to compensate to the lower estrogen levels, as soon as it figures out the proper adjustment, the hot flashes will stop.
One way medical science has decided to compensate is with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which calls for a prescription of Estrogen pills, or a skin patch, to help estrogen levels go back to where they once were. Unfortunately, once you stop taking the pills, your body has to try to compensate again, and the hot flashes will reoccur. However, it is sometimes possible to decrease the dose of estrogen gradually, allowing the body to adjust more slowly.
But there are there natural alternatives for chemical HRT. And it's sad that less than two percent of doctors even mention alternative therapies (maybe because the pharmaceuticals make more money on the Estrogen Replacement Therapy). Thousands of women have tested natural therapies and agree that they work! There are a few natural things you should consider if you're not ready to put another chemical into your body.
Natural Care for Hot Flashes or Night Sweats
When hot flashes occur at night, you will experience night sweats (or worse yet, cold sweats). In the worst cases, sweating can get excessive and soak bedding and nightgowns. Here are a few things that you can do stay as comfortable as possible.
During the day, dress in layers so you can remove items, and put them back on when the hot flash is finished.
At night, wear cotton underwear and gowns that will absorb perspiration. These keep you cooler than synthetic garments.
Most importantly, start keeping a record of your daily routine and try to determine when you are most likely to get a hot flash. Certain foods or drinks can cause an increase in the amount and severity of the hot flash. Watch out for alcohol (especially red wine), caffeine, sugar, fatty dairy products, salt, spicy foods, saturated oils and monosodium glutamate (added to prepared foods to enhance flavor).
Last but not least, there are some herbs that contain healthy compounds that have proven to be affective. One of the main herbs is Black Cohosh, which is a thoroughly researched herb containing phytoestrogens and is approved by the German 'Kommission E" - a body similar to the FDA. You can find Black Cohosh in the appropriate portions in MellowPause.
In the case of severe menopausal symptoms, it is recommend that MellowPause be taken together with Dong Quai, which has been used for many centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.
In time this too shall pass. Menopause usually ends by the age of 51; but hot flashes may, if you're lucky, end much sooner than that.

love her

Ever Wonder Why a Guy Does the Things He Does? by Terry Hernon MacDonald
-I wonder why he says he doesn't want a relationship, but he keeps showing up where I hang out
-and so on?
If so, you may suffer from the infamous Woman's Mind-Reading Syndrome. It's possible you acquired this afflction from a steady diet of reading women's magazines (the ones with cover blurbs like HOW TO CRACK A MAN'S SECRET CODE and WHY HE CAN'T TALK ABOUT HIS FEELINGS (AND WHAT YOU CAN DO TO DECIPHER THEM!).
Or perhaps you acquired this affliction when someone told you that--since you're a woman--you're naturally more in touch with your feelings, his feelings, the whole world's feelings, and you must take tender care of everybody else's feelings, lest you hurt feelings, which would mean you're a crappy person.
Here's the bottom line on feelings. You treat a man as you would have him treat you. He treats you as he would have you treat him.
If he's not treating you as he would have you treat him (i.e., letting you wonder about his feelings instead of expressing them, saying he doesn't want a relationship before bouncing into bed with you, lying, not calling or showing up when he says he will), then it is time to hit the highway.
Stop wondering why he does the things he does. Stop reading his mind. God knows, he's not reading yours.
Know this:
Happy relationships consist of two people who actually enjoy communicating with each other. One person cannot be--and should not attempt to be--solely responsible for the transmission and analysis of verbal and non-verbal expression.
Happy relationships consist of two people who are equally committed to the relationship. They do not consist of one person who will do whatever it takes to make the other person appreciate her, love her, respect her, desire her, and so on.
Either the guy is in, or he's out.
The guy who's in will let you know he's in. The guy who's out will run hot and cold, and he'll disappoint you whenever he gets a chance.
In case your guy falls into the latter category,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, I'll say it again: Hit the highway.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The cost of these cosmetic procedures

Enjoy Smoother Skin With Permanent Hair Removal by Clinton Maxwell
There's nothing quite like the feel of soft, smooth, silky skin, and many people strive to get their skin looking and feeling this way. There are many ways to remove hair from both the face and body, some of which are more effective and last longer than others. For those looking for a long term solution to silkier skin permanent hair removal methods could prove ideal. These solutions offer long term results so you won't have to worry about regular hair removal in order to maintain your smoother skin. When you use permanent hair removal methods you can enjoy the convenience and the confidence of great looking, smooth skin through effective hair removal that will last far longer than simply shaving or using a removal crème. With today's busy and fast pace of life it is difficult to keep taking time out to remove face and body hair and with permanent hair removal methods this is a problem that can be alleviated.
Wherever you have a hair problem this type of removal method can help
Depilatory solutions have come a long way over recent years, ranging from one touch electrolysis to laser hair removal. Whether you want to remove facial hair, pubic hair, or any other body hair, you can enjoy a great finish when you opt for permanent removal. Whichever area of the face or body you have treated for removal of hair,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, this permanent method will not only leave it looking and feeling great, but will also ensure that you have minimal hassle and effort when it comes to maintaining that great look. Hair removal methods have come a long way over recent years, and are now more advanced and effective than ever. You can enjoy excellent results with minimal discomfort or side effects when you opt for permanent removal of hair, and you can get on with you life without having to concern yourself with regular re-growth.
The cost of these cosmetic procedures
The amount you will pay for the permanent removal of hair from your face or body will depend on a number of factors, ranging from where you have to hair removed to the type of method you decide to use. Laser treatment and electrolysis are both popular and effective permanent methods of removing hair, and the costs can vary. However, when taking your budget into consideration you should bear in mind that the cost of less permanent hair removal may be less but the frequency of removal is higher hence the costs can quickly add up. So, in the end the permanent method could prove not only more effective and convenient but also better value for money. Of course, you have to take your budget into consideration when selecting a hair removal method, but it is wise to weigh up the costs over the long term as well as the immediate costs in order to make the right choice.

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there is little known as far as treatment of the condition goes. As such

The Fibrocystic Breast by James Pendergraft
Fibrocystic breast condition refers to a situation wherein a woman's breasts have lumps that are non-cancerous. These lumps can cause a great deal of discomfort and other problems. The situation commonly comes about as a result of hormonal changes due to the woman's menstrual cycle.
A woman's breasts are made up of several mammary ducts that are surrounded by glandular connective tissues that enable the mammary ducts to produce and secrete milk at the last stage of pregnancy or during breastfeeding. Moreover, a woman's body is very responsive to hormonal fluctuations during menstruation. These hormonal changes sometimes cause women's breasts to retain fluids that result in breast enlargement, tenderness, and the characteristic lumps.
The condition is brought about when the tissues that support the milk glands thicken causing the milk ducts to swell. Afterwards, the sacs become filled with fluids and are now called cysts. The infection may start with one breast but may gradually spread into the other, worsening the condition. The lumps may vary in sizes. However, a small consolation for women is that fibrocystic breast condition is not cancerous, despite huge similarities with breast cancer.
The Causes of Fibrocystic Breast Condition
The exact causes of fibrocystic breast condition are something that continues to evade medical experts. However, with continuous research, there are findings which points to the following as possible causes of the condition:
* Excessive salt intake,a light-oriented dance.. Taking in large amounts of salt increases the body's ability to retain fluids. As a result, women who experience the condition should limit their salt intake. In relation to this, one should drink no less than about 8 glasses of water a day. This is because a steady supply of non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic drinks informs the body that there is no need to retain fluids, such as what happens in fibrocystic breast condition.
* Frequent consumption of fatty and oily foods,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Studies seem to show that fatty and oily foods increase the incidence of fibrocystic breast condition. As such, what experts recommend is a low-fat diet that also includes servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.
* Caffeine. Drinking caffeinated products regularly is also a known factor in causing fibrocystic breast condition.
Treatment for Fibrocystic Breast Condition
Although not cancerous,There is no need to be heavy on the blush either when there is emphasis on your eyes or lips, fibrocystic breast condition can cause a great deal of pain. Moreover, the condition can also be annoying. However,authors bio, there is little known as far as treatment of the condition goes. As such, most intervention is geared toward minimizing symptoms for the reduction of the uneasiness that a woman may feel. The following are the most common means to reduce the symptoms of fibrocystic breast condition:
* Medication. Taking pain reliever is the easiest and most convenient way to reduce the pain associated with the condition.
* Wear the proper and exact-fitting bra. This is to provide the breasts with sufficient support. In some instances, it may be even needed to wear a bra even when asleep.
* Apply heating pads or towels soaked in hot water to provide relief from the discomfort.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The days of pencil thin sexiness are over

Classy, Sensual Lingerie for Divas and Goddesses! by Becky B. Norwood
We are here to honor women and the important part they play in our society. Our world can be hectic, busy and so full of responsibilities. We encourage you to honor yourself,you may be surprised to know that your body can be an excellent indicator, pamper yourself, boost your self confidence, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.
Almost every woman wants pretty lingerie that makes them feel beautiful and feminine. It's been that way practically since the dawn of time and is still that way today.
Beautiful lingerie is part of the feminine mystique, and women all over the world answer the siren call of sexy, lacy undergarments, beautiful flattering swimwear, subtly feminine dresses and more.
We wish to reach out to women of all makes and models!
We have seen a good many stunningly beautiful women who are plus size, feel inhibited to nurture the side of them that longs to portray their true inner and outer beauty.
Regardless of all the marketing portraying the typical female as somewhere between anorexic and emaciated, the truth is that many women have more buxom forms.
In fact,Designer Discount Shoes by Laura Lougee, these more curvaceous females are probably more the norm than the stick figures we see in magazines and on TV. According to recent market research, at least 60% of women wear a size 14 or above.
Most women work hard and yearn for a little pampering, a touch of luxury in their lives. Beautiful lingerie provides that, and boosts a woman's self confidence, too.
The pure joy of shopping for intimate apparel is enhanced greatly by being able to see the apparel modeled by women like yourself! We have models ranging from to petite to plus that you can relate to!
So you are not the slender young woman you once were. Or maybe you have been well endowed your whole life. Well take heart! The days of pencil thin sexiness are over!
Who says women cannot be voluptuously sexy? Yes, we must take care to get the proper exercise and diet, these things are important to our overall wellbeing and longevity.
However,pp. 110-126, we are what we are and in today's market of gorgeous plus sized intimate apparels, there are great ways to make those curves look enticing. We can even get downright naughty with the selection of leathers and vinyls available.
Just adding a few pieces of plus size intimate apparel to your wardrobe can work wonders on the way you feel both inside and out,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. While you cannot negate the fact that true beauty comes from within, think of how you feel when you first come out of the beauty salon! A new look, a new style, color or some highlights picks up your spirit in a big way! The same is true for beautiful, flirtatious intimate apparel...and oh! Did you see the light in his eye?!!!

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Dolce & Gabbana

Perfumes For Men And Women by Roberto Sedycias
If you want people to think that you are beautiful, attractive and good, then the easiest way to do it is to select the right perfume.
>From its inception in human history, cosmetics have always played different roles in making people presentable. Perfumes are one of the most used cosmetics since then, even though they were not made of synthetic contents as of today. But the fact remains that in ancient times, perfumes were used as part of ritual cerimonies. Back then aromatic grasses,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, wood and spices like cinnamon, cardamoms and fenugreek were squeezed into fluid to produce perfume.
The word "perfume" has originated from a Latin word "parfumare" meaning "through smoke". Archeological researches say the concept of perfume came from Egypt. Of course, followed by other Chinese, Indians, Romanians and Greeks before the whole world made it daily-essential in their lives.
Even though in the ancient culture perfumes were considered womanly affair, in today's world there are as many male versions of perfumes as female ones,If you are a little more of risk taker and want to show off your fun and sexy side. Some of the famous brands of male perfume are: Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tommy Hilfiger, and Weekend for men and many others.
Beware that brand perfume by itself is not considered a fragrance,which was caused by the activity of free radicals. Once this repair begins. There are style conscious men who wear perfume according to their moods. There are perfumes that go with their schedule, for instance corporate, semi-casual or casual perfumes. Some of the corporate brands of perfumes for men are Sean John, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Hugo Boss which are the most chosen perfumes internationally for corporate getup. While Armani has a few corporate fragrances with woody flavors, together with Calvin Klein perfumes are supposed to be most luring with a heavy masculine touch.
Also, Hugo Boss has been a famous brand, for both its cost and class. You don't have to earn like a CEO to wear Hugo Boss, but it certainly does make everyone to smell good!
There is a range of must-wear perfumes for party freaks, avid bikers or those to want to smell great even on weekends: Weekend for men, though is a new brand, does have a whole range of fragrances to make one's weekend sensual. Hugo Boss new collection with aqua elements are always recommended for casual wears. For bikers or car race fans - Ferrari, DKNY or Tommy Hilfiger are among great choices.
Where should a woman wear perfume? The answer is simple wherever they want to be kissed! We cannot talk about perfumes if we don't talk about women. Perfumes play a great role in women's sensuality.
All time favorite for any woman when it comes to perfumes are Christian Dior's collection: Dior's Jadore and Addict that have been in the market for a long time. For women who want to smell a bit sweet and yet want to leave a whiff of smell behind, it is suggested the latest collection of Burberry perfumes. And if sensuality is something your partner is luring for, go for Nina Ricci's spring-summer collection. The other perfumes that you can pick are Escada,If you would like to get a tattoo, Gap, or Tommy Hilfiger's exclusive girl's collections when you want to accompany him on a car race.
Apparently, a perfume is bottled to blend with natural odor to create a distinctive fragrance for your personality. So, you must use a single brand of perfume to make your signature style perfect over days and days. Last but not the least, you must not wear perfume over sweaty clothes to cover bad body odor, it makes the vicinity around that personal intolerable. Perfumes, as the saying goes were used as a tribute to Gods so they must be sprayed when you are clean.
This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author's name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

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As you and I both know

In Search of the Perfect Bra by Tiffany Hart
Out of antiquity there comes many stories and legends of the old ways. From the back corner of women's bathrooms to Tupperware parties, the legend of the perfect bra has grown over time. Let us investigate whether the perfect bra exists or is just a sad wish of women everywhere.
Let's start with the basic issue of what should the perfect bra incorporate. An underwire? I think not! No poking, thank you,The Big Island. We're going to need lots of support from the bottom up to give our shoulders a break. We'll want full cup support to make sure there is no "wandering" to and fro. The material should be soft and breathable. Of course, the bra should be sexy. It should be adjustable so we can look bigger or smaller than we are. We'll want some solid cleavage and the ability to show some skin.
So, what have we described? It sounds like the ultimate Frankenstein bra. Our perfect bra is basically a sports bra made of velvet that provides full cup support while also somehow creating cleavage. Obviously, this particular design is impossible. It also lets us see why there are so many different styles of bras.
In truth, most women would consider a bra "perfect" if it was comfortable,as DV survivors. This means quality material, plenty of support and a quality fit. How hard could it be to put those three things together? As you and I both know, it is pretty hard. So why is it so hard for bra designers to come up with the perfect bra for us? There are a couple of reasons.
The first issue has to do with our breasts. We have two of them,Males show more direct aggression while women tend to show indirect aggression.. By all rights, they should be the same size. If yours are, you are exceedingly lucky. Most of us have variations. One might be a bit bigger and have a rounder shape or it might be the exact opposite,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. How then is a bra designer supposed to come up with a bra that can meet our individual requirements? The only way is by doing a sizing and building a custom bra for each of us. If you have the money, you can get it done. Most of us can't afford that kind of expense.
The second issue has to do with how we change through the month. As you know, your breasts get sensitive around that special time of the month. Well, they also increase in size and often will change shape. Now you know why the bra designers always have migraines!
The simple fact of the matter is our size is a moving target for bra designers. A bra that fits us perfectly on the 5th day of the month may be too small or big on the 20th day. This is why there is not and really cannot be a perfect bra until some technology is developed that can change sizes with our body. Perhaps nanotechnology will do the trick!

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*You are looking for something that is simply different from the norm.

Destination Wedding or Traditional Wedding,such as red meat
So the engagement has finally come and you are ready to start the planning on your dream wedding. Every girl has dreamed of the perfect wedding,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Big Church, Fancy White Gown, Men in Dinner Tuxedo's, Flowers everywhere, now society has this new idea. The Destination Wedding. Which do you choose, Traditional or New Age. Big blowout event or small intimate setting with close friends and family.
My wife and I are wedding coordinators that have coordinated and participated in both types of weddings. We have been the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in the local society wedding. We have been the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen in weddings on the beach and by a mountain stream.
All of these adequately fit the individuals that had them. The couple in the mountains would have been miserable in a large Church wedding. Likewise the Couple in the large Church wedding would have had an inadequate feeling had they not hosted this lavish event. So what is really the difference.
The first thought is that the small wedding is cheaper,You've just had this beautiful baby. And then it happens they cry. Don't be fooled by this at all. Generally speaking this wedding will have family and friends being transported to a resort destination, causing the cost of accommodations and food to increase. The wedding party is also there in the same location as the honeymoon site. So why use this option:
*You don't want family an friends involved in the Ceremonies at all.
*You want to have a close knit wedding and get to enjoy everyone involved in it.
*You are looking for something that is simply different from the norm.
*Mother-in-Laws are overbearing and will ruin the wedding.
*Better site for the Honeymoon location.
So the Traditional Wedding is the route you want to go. Well be forewarned there are several advantages and disadvantages to this as well. The cost of the rehearsal dinner and the reception have to be calculated. The guest from out of town have to be put up in a local hotel. So why spend the expense,but the spouse stays..
*The Family generally does not have to travel as far and are local.
*Your traditional minister can perform the ceremony.
*Your dreams of the Perfect White Church Wedding can be fulfilled.
*Old friends and family acquaintances will be at the wedding.
*You prefer short amounts of time to be spent with many different individuals.
No matter which you choose, make sure that you are well informed and have read sites such as and These sites will provide insight into your coming decision and outline how others have dealt with this difficult decision. As I get older and purportedly wiser I wish my wife and I's Large Church Wedding would have been a South Pacific Destination wedding. Then I get out the old Wedding Photo Album and see all of the relatives who were at the wedding and are no longer with us and am glad that we had the Large Church Wedding.
Make sure to Consider all details and take time to make this decision. It will define you as a couple starting into your new lives together.

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Just like other areas of the fashion scene

Heat Waves Due from Brazil this Swimsuit Season
If you've passed a swimsuit hanging on a rack, or touched on a swimwear website, you've probably noticed that Brazil is leaving no stone unturned on the beach scene this year.
Why the focus on Brazil? You'll find the answer in a bikini-sized history lesson. In short, Brazil is urbane: almost every Brazilian lives in the fast-paced city. Tack on Brazil's legacy from Europe -- a love for high fashion that borders on religion. Now top it all off with Brazil's 5000 miles of beach, each and every one of them filled with fashion-forward women who insist on clothes to sizzle at the scene.
Now let's return to America. We've done and redone the triangle-top and string bottom. We've pretty much exhausted the thong -- de minimis can only go so far before there's nowhere left to go. But there's one thing we haven't exhausted: high glamour.
Enter Brazil, drenched in the big, heady spirit of the sixties, and the international goddesses that drove it. Think Brigitte Bardot. Or Ursula Andress, stepping out of the surf in her belted bikini to set the world on fire.
// The Colors
Just like other areas of the fashion scene, the Brazilian retrospective combines modern colors and fabric tech with unmistakable hues from the Sixties. This means bright, bright plastic white,although quite fun in the making, cocktail black, and clashing fluorescents. And touches of vinyl and metal. And Mod.
// The Shapes
The old triangle top, always meant for the small-busted woman, starts to look a little blah compared to the womanly styles from Brazil, like low-slung "hipster" bottoms (especially beguiling when combined with kicky belts). You'll find Brazilian tops emphasizing larger busts, with stabilizing lace-ups or underwire support.
// The Textures
My favorite thing about Brazilian styles are the textures, which seem exotic in our post-production, plasticized world. Brazil knows that women love the softer side of sexy -- the kind that never shows up in beer commercials.
Instead of vying for minimal coverage, Brazil uses high-tech savvy to weave water-friendly crochet and macramé into swim tops and bottoms. We love the macramé-strung bikini bottoms -- sometimes adorned by brassy buttons or shells. And we love the giant embroidered flowers (touched up with crystals), the French knots, and the hand-painted fabrics that show up on tops. But our favorite is the lycra-touched crochet pullover that goes from day to night. Wear it on the beach, then wear it again at the lounge. A feminine, crocheted top over a bikini bottom is the kind of look that hits the Richter scale.
Best of all, these styles can be dressed to the nines with a smoky shade of eye shadow and big, clunky jewelry.
// Your Mission
Did you accept the Brazilian challenge for your beach adventures this summer? Then bring in another major trend by mixing and matching tops and bottoms. Don't be afraid to combine hot pink with orange (a hot Mod look),Colored lip glosses will be very handy for the one who carries it. But then,then you may also have ovarian cysts. Ovarian Cyst Symptoms and signs are, don't take trends too far -- it's probably best to leave your knife belt at home.