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Friday, November 30, 2012

Is it best to state the situation and state what you plan on doing to take care of yourself

What Program is on Your Inner TV?
What's playing on your inner TV? Your inner TV is the screen in your mind upon which you create various scenarios. Perhaps the channel is "Reliving the Past." Maybe it's "Controlling the Future." Is your channel on "Obsessive Thinking" where you are ruminating over and over about a situation or about how you want to handle something?
Our mind tends to go on and on making up stuff, as if what it is thinking is always the truth. However, the mind has been deeply programmed since childhood to think and believe in ways that often have nothing to do with truth.
Truth is that which comes from the source of truth, which is Spirit. We are able to access truth when we are present in this very moment with a deep desire to learn about truth and love. When we are present to this moment - to our inner experience and our surroundings - we are present with Spirit,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots, so Spirit is able to communicate with us. When our deepest desire is to be present with the truth, love and reality of this moment, we stop our obsessive or programmed thinking, which is always a way to control. When we are present in this moment, we have surrendered to Spirit. We have let go of control and are in faith that we are being guided and supported in our highest good. We don't need to put our limited mind in charge because we know that we will receive whatever messages we need from our Guidance. Our inner TV is OFF!
So,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, is your inner TV on or off? How often is your inner TV on the "Control" channel,She sure was excited about her message."?
For example, let's say that you know that you need to speak with your boss about a problem you are having with another employee. You probably spend some time thinking about what you're going to say. If you're on the control channel, then your wounded self has possession of the remote control of your inner TV. On this channel you are thinking about how to make your point, how to be heard and understood, how to win, how to be right, how to convince, and so on. You might be preparing your defense should your boss disagree. Perhaps you rehearse this over and over, rerunning the video you have recorded. You want to make sure you get it right.
If your loving Adult is in charge of the remote control, then your inner TV is off,And she was struggling to live…to survive…and the more she struggled. Your mind is not coming up with a pre-recorded video. Instead, you are opening to learning about what is in your highest good in this particular situation and asking Spirit for guidance. Is it best to just present the situation and ask for help or feedback with an intent to learn? Is it best to state the situation and state what you plan on doing to take care of yourself? Is it best to try to work it out with the other employee and not go to your boss at all,UGG 3166? When your Adult is in charge, you are relying on Spirit rather than on your own mind to determine the action that is in your highest good.
If you do speak with your boss or with the other employee, who is in charge? Does your wounded self take over out of fear, or are you loving yourself enough to show up as a loving Adult connected with your Guidance,"When I want to climb the elm tree?
Some of us find ourselves connecting with our Guidance just fine when we are meditating, dialoguing, creating, working with others in a supportive capacity. It's very easy for me to stay connected with Guidance when I'm working with clients or conducting an intensive. I couldn't work any other way because my mind doesn't know the answers regarding how to help others, but Spirit does,UGG 1875. Spirit comes through the moment my intent is to be helpful. The challenge comes in when it's just about taking care of myself with myself and within my personal relationships. That's when my wounded self wants to grab the remote control. She thinks she can figure things out to control the outcome with people and events. She thinks she's so smart, and she wants to create scenarios in order to control. I find I need to be vigilant in terms of who is in charge of the remote control. The minute my wounded self grabs it and clicks on the control channel, my joy is gone. The moment I surrender and allow Spirit to guide me, my inner TV is off and my joy is back. To me, that's a great motivator, since I love being in joy!
So, is your inner TV on? If so, what program is on? Who has the remote - your wounded self or your loving Adult? You might want to start to notice this. The rewards of switching off your inner TV are really great!

Monday, November 26, 2012

you will begin to eliminate the stress and negativity that goes along with that kind of thinking.

Six years after being "let go" from a very lucrative job I finally ran into "my friend" that stabbed me in the back at work and who arranged my demise. He came up behind me and said, "Hi Susie,run and grow a home based business at, I know you must hate me."
I was blown away that those words came out of his mouth. What a telling statement! He just convicted himself with 5 little words. Essentially he was confessing his guilt. The truth was staring us both in the face. He was basically admitting that he screwed me.
I said, "Gee John what would make you think that?" That night I was lying in bed and the phone rang, it was him again. I proceeded to tell him off, I let him know how much he had not only hurt me because we were friends but he took away a career that I spent 8 years building and I asked him how he can wake up every day and look in the mirror and think it's okay to be him!
My heart was pounding, I was tense with anger and it was all imagined in my mind. The first part of the story was true but the phone call was something I was imagining I would say if he had called and even though it wasn't real, my emotions and the level of my anxiety were real as I rehearsed the scenario in my mind.
The truth is that whatever thoughts we choose to dwell on will activate emotions within us that respond to our thinking,UGG 1875; regardless if it is real or not. Just like when you watch an action packed movie, your heart may race, you're sitting on the edge of your chair totally engrossed and it's only a movie.
If you are thinking any kind of limiting thoughts of either anger, revenge, jealousy, hurt, fear or worry your emotions will follow your thoughts. That is why it is so important that you feed your mind the kinds of thoughts that will allow you to live with more peace and harmony.
Having imaginary confrontations with someone or going over and over what you could have said or should have said put you in a place of unease,and even if you did know. We all do it or have done it but if you learn how to turn off that negative switch in your mind, let go of what is in the past and redirect your thoughts to those that heal you,and love for a return like an investment was never love but an empty need. You have the choice to make your heart and mind whatever you want. Let love lead you through the pain and finding joy will be your reward. Love unconditionally and learn to let go and move on.,UGG 3166, not hurt you,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots; you will begin to eliminate the stress and negativity that goes along with that kind of thinking,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff.
The computer term GIGO is true for us humans as well. What you put into your mind, the kinds of thoughts you choose to think will directly impact how you experience your life. Garbage in; garbage out.
So, if you are sitting around thinking about anything that makes you feel bad; instead try filling your mind with thoughts that will serve you and help free you from scenarios that will only drag you down.
The past is the past and there isn't one single imagined confrontation you can have that is going to change what is. Let it go, stop conjuring up negative scenes and begin to fill your mind with thoughts that release you from the past so you can enjoy your life today.
GIGO now stands for Good in; Good Out. You are the only one who has a say in what you think so make sure you're doing yourself a favor by choosing to put your "thought life" on a better path.

try deep breathing exercises. Inhale slowly through the nose

How To Get Rid Of Memory Obstacles
Let's say you have a passion for salads in different varieties.
Because of this, you developed the skill of preparing them by yourself. So every time you crave for salad, you check the ingredients you have at home.
You commit to memory the ingredients you need to buy,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots; but while doing this, your partner asks you to buy a thing or two since you're going to the supermarket anyway.
If your attention is focused on the salad ingredients, it's most likely that you'll miss out buying the thing your spouse asked you to buy.
Or if your attention switched to your wife's request, you may miss an ingredient or two for the salad. If nothing is missed on either one, then you have good memory coordination.
But let's say you overlooked a thing or two, it's likely that the thing you missed was never committed to memory in the first place. Find out the possible reasons why information is not committed to memory and how to overcome these predicaments.
Do you get distracted easily? Distraction is one of the most common reasons why information is not committed to memory. When a loud or startling sound, a foul smell, TV or video game noise, or any other external forces overwhelm incoming information, then it's likely that you will not pick up the information for memory storage.
Only one solution is at hand. Shift your concentration to the information by getting away from all the distractions, or by taking these diversions away from you.
On the other hand, if your concentration is focused on something that interests you, new information can't get through you. This may seem like a plus factor to memory retention but the problem here is that new information which may be important at the moment will not find its way through your memory,UGG 1875.
Take for example, you are concentrating deeply on a set of jewelry which you want to buy for your spouse during a special occasion. Since the price is too expensive, you're contemplating on how you can acquire the jewelry without draining your pocket.
Just outside the jewelry shop, an old friend sees you and calls your name; but somehow you can't or don't hear it. The shop attendant has to intercede so you can snap out of your concentration.
Technically,and you can start right now, there seems to be nothing wrong with keeping focus on something, except that the focus may get rooted too deep (much like a trance) that you somehow tend to forget the outside world. To correct it, practice gradually shifting to a slightly shallow state of concentration.
This may take some time. Always keep in mind an attitude to stay alert.
Get motivated and interested,a symbol of the sun. If something unimportant is called to your attention, it is likely that you don't concentrate on it, much less remember it. However, there may be some things that may not interest you but nonetheless important, so it is best to keep motivated. What may seem unimportant at the instant the information is available may become important later. Besides, it is one way to boost your memory capability. It is an exercise for the memory bank of your brain.
Stress is almost always a culprit whenever the subject is inclined to shortfalls in memory retention. With emotional or physical stress, your performance with regards to memory is reduced,UGG 3166.
You may have come across instances when you tried your best to remember something (a name, place, or date) but actually can not; it's at the tip-of-the-tongue. Some theorized this syndrome occurs more with age. Others say the brain dumps memory information anywhere within itself. It gets disorganized. When we need to retrieve something, it's like going through a file of assorted information.
Whatever the reason may be, the real cause of the syndrome is stress. The harder you try (even if you snap your fingers incessantly), the less likely you'll remember it. This makes it more frustrating,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots.
The way to handle it is to find relief from your stress through relaxation. Once you're relaxed, the missing words will just pop out of your mind without any effort.
To relax,middle ground, try deep breathing exercises. Inhale slowly through the nose, hold it for a while and exhale fast (as if blowing balloon) through the mouth. This is probably the reason why our mouth is bigger than our nostrils.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Washing dishes

Mindfulness is in the Details
The other morning, my son, Jonathan, and I overslept. We awoke shortly before he was due at school,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots. While I sleepily got dressed, Jonathan began rushing through the house, trying to put on his clothes,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots, eat his breakfast and gather up his schoolbooks, all at the same time.
Suddenly, he stopped and began talking to himself, "Ok,the world changed. As you identify the walls you have erected and subsequently knock them down, Jon, slow down. When you're in a rush, you need to slow down." He took a few deep breaths and slowed his walking and decided to focus on eating his breakfast.
The next few moments seemed to slow down too, as Jonathan and I worked in perfect tandem to get him ready for school. We slowed our breathing, our movements and our thoughts,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Time seemed stretch out into infinity, giving us all the time we needed. We talked quietly, joked lovingly and arrived at school in time.
I used to think mindfulness was about totally focusing on whatever task I was doing, blocking out all distractions,your actions are going to be most detrimental to the results you want. And. Now, I know that mindfulness is actually a skill: the ability to maintain an awareness of how you are reacting to external stimuli—physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
When I do shut down or block out what's going on around me, my job, housework or exercise actually triggers my body's stress response and blocks my ability to stay in the present moment. Blocking out external stimulus is a pattern we've learned throughout our lives. Here's how my son and I work to develop our mindfulness skills. Take a few moments during the day to try the following:
1. Choose 1 of the following activities.
Washing dishes
Paying bills
Getting dressed
Folding laundry
Yard work
Minor home repair
Straightening your desk
Answering email
Other _____________
2. During the first few minutes, do the activity more quickly than normal.
3. Then do the activity more slowly than normal for a few minutes.
4,immediately question the thought. Is it really true. Finish the activity at a pace that is comfortable for you.
5. Take a moment to journal about your noticings.
Tip: Try to do this activity several times over the next week, at different times of the day and notice any similarities or differences if you:
Change the activity
Change the time of day
Do the activity when you don't feel like doing it
Copyright (c) 2001 Carolyn Wilson-Elliott

Friday, November 23, 2012

hold an idea in your head

Technology, Time Management and ADHD by Harold Taylor
What concerns me is what technology may be doing to our brain. Read Gary Small's book, iBrain, and you will have to agree that our brain is indeed evolving. Two brains that start off the same at birth can be drastically different at two years of age if one has been deprived of play, talk, touch, love, proper food and so on. That's been known for a long time. What is more surprising is that the adult brain remains malleable - "neuroplasticity" is the term used - as we grow older, and it continues to rewire itself throughout life. That's good news for old folks like me because it means you can become smarter the older you get. We used to think intelligence was 80% genetic and 20% environmental,and vision, but it's actually the opposite.
The bad news is that chronic Internet users and high-tech users tend to have poorer social skills and less ability to focus, and take on traits normally found in people with ADHD.
Excessive TV, video games and other digital media has been shown to contribute to ADD and ADHD in both children and adults. About 5% of children in the U,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots.S. have ADHD,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. But with the advent of technology,the most influential factor of alcohol addiction is being curious and peer pressure. It affects our brain that can create a strong desire to consume a lot of alcohol., and our increasing addiction to it, this is changing. Psychiatric investigators in South Korea find that 20% of Internet-addicted children and teens end up with ADHD symptoms. Dr. Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist in Sudbury, Mass., and author of several books on ADD/ADHD, sees a lot of patients wrapped up in this multitasking mania,Psy.D. All rights reserved.. Over the past decade he has seen a tenfold increase in the number of patients showing up with symptoms closely resembling ADD, but of the work-induced variety. They were irritable, their productivity was declining, they couldn't get organized, they were making quick, off the cuff decisions - all because they felt pressured to get things done quickly. He gave the condition a name - Attention Deficit Trait (ADT). Several books on brain research indicate that high-tech gadgets, video games and even TV have been shown to contribute to ADD in both adults and children. Incidentally, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends zero TV for children under two, yet one in five American children under two has a TV in their bedroom.
An example of how our brains can be rewired is described in John Medina's book, Brain Rules. A year 2000 study of London taxi drivers revealed that they had a much larger posterior hippocampus than men with a similar profile, but who did not drive for a living. That part of the hippocampus is responsible for a person's navigational skills. As far as our brain is concerned, it seems to hold true that if we don't use it, we lose it. Another example appeared in the Toronto Star (December 12, 2009) It was an article on handwriting, which seems to have been replaced by the keyboard, at least with the younger generation. It concludes, based on research, that handwriting works the brain differently and builds distinct cognitive skills. It reinforces reading and spelling, develops motor memory as it becomes automatic, teaches students to focus, and may help them remember what they learn. So as keyboards replace handwriting, new neural pathways are created and new cognitive skills replace the old.
The brain is evolving. That may not be all bad. But I do know that managers require social and interpersonal skills,UGG 3166, intuition and creativity to be successful. And focus is one of the keys to accomplishment. We should think twice before allowing time with email and the Internet to crowd out time with family and friends.
Top achievers combine high-tech with high touch. They interact socially, participate in face-to-face meetings, and even use paper-based systems such as the day planners or simple note pads as tools to get things done.
I will never apologize for scheduling in a paper day planner or drawing mind maps on a scratch pad or scribbling an idea on an index card. And I'm becoming more convinced that it helps us remain well-rounded individuals. Much of your intelligence - and how well you do in life - seems to depend on what researchers call the "executive function" part of the brain. It is that part of the brain in the cerebral cortex that gives you the ability to control impulses, sustain attention, hold an idea in your head, plan, and prioritize and so on. And it's those executive functions that appear to be weak in individuals with ADD/ADHD. Too much technology could weaken these executive skills even more.

Learning to make effective choices on a consistent

"If there is such a thing as a secret to achievement,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots, a significant part of that secret is ... being aware of the power of your choices and learning to choose effectively."
Achievement is simply the result of doing the "right things" consistently over a sustained period of time. Doing the "right things" is a direct result of your personal choice. Your future is built on the choices you make, day by day, moment by moment.
Sounds simple,focus and concentration may be affected. Depression, doesn't it?
This relationship between choice and achievement is powerful. Without making consistently effective daily choices, you will not achieve. This is a harsh reality, but true. Conversely, making consistently effective choices that support your overall goals will inevitably lead to next level achievement. The quality of your choices determines the quality of your life. By filling your days with effective choices, you build a future of beneficial consequences.
Whether you realize it or not, you make thousands of choices everyday. You choose your thoughts, perspectives, actions, and associations. Each choice you make in life has a consequence. An extra bowl of ice cream each night might not affect you right away, but will have a negative consequence of weight gain if you continue to indulge.
So many of us let our everyday choices go overlooked because the consequences of those choices are delayed. We don't experience immediate results from most of our choices. If we did, we certainly would be more selective with our choices! Instead, we are free to make a bad or ineffective choice and feel no immediate impact, leaving us with the impression that no harm has been done.
Using the ice cream analogy again,UGG 3166, if you immediately gained 50 pounds every time you ate a single bowl of ice cream, you would never eat another bowl of ice cream again, and ice cream companies would be out of business! The lesson here is that we must be aware of what our everyday choices are creating for our future, even though we cannot see the results right away.
This is where the Next Level Achievement System comes in.
The foundation of any system of achievement is learning to make effective, daily choices. Surprisingly, we do not naturally possess the capacity of making consistent, effective choices because our natural, human instincts have one goal for us: our security.
Your instincts do not care about your goals and dreams - they just want to keep you right where you are. When you manage your daily activities from your natural, human instincts,by either doing them yourself, your response will always be in favor of keeping you where you are. Your brain interprets sameness or status-quo as security. In short, your instincts are fighting against your achievement because achievement always involves change and growth, both of which are contrary to sameness.
To achieve, you must first learn to intentionally manage your process of making effective choices, and that process must be systematic rather than instinctive. This works because a systems approach to achievement bypasses your natural instincts,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots.
I have worked with clients who have spent their entire lives managing achievement instinctively with sporadic results,Copyright. On the other hand, I have watched overwhelming results from leaders who manage by a proven system of achievement.
Don't let another day slip by filled with ineffective choices. Become aware of how your choices are affecting your bottom line, because they will affect you regardless of whether or not you are aware of them! Learning to make effective choices on a consistent, daily basis leads to effective actions, which in turn leads to beneficial results.
Most importantly, you must choose to achieve!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Secret of the Void by Shifra Hendrie

The Secret of the Void by Shifra Hendrie
Several years ago I had a quiet but intense experience at the wedding of a close friend. I was early, and as I sat at my table I watched the other guests entering the room. One came in elated, dancing like a performer on stage. Another was withdrawn, inward, as if mulling over some sadness or pain. Some were eating,you can begin to influence, some talking, some laughing and some sitting quietly.
But what I saw with an almost painful intensity was that each one of us, no matter what we were doing or with whom we were doing it, was essentially in our own world. Not necessarily lonely, but alone, our thoughts, longings, our selves on some core level separate from everyone around us.
Once, many years ago, my four-year-old cousin was standing in the living room with her mother and grandmother when she suddenly burst out, "I'm all alone in here!" When her mother hastened to reassure her that they were right there with her in the room, she responded, "No, in here. I'm all alone in here."
Every human being experiences this essential aloneness. Sometimes we're not aware of it at all, and sometimes the awareness, like it was for my little cousin, is profound. But whatever the case, it's always there.
What Conceals Reveals
Kabbalah explains that in truth there is nothing but G-d. Everything that exists, whether physical or spiritual, is simply a highly limited expression of its Creator, somewhat like each of your thoughts and actions is a little expression of you.
The infinite light of G-d, as its name implies, is overwhelming, filling every space. Left unmuted, this all-encompassing light would make it impossible for anything else to exist,UGG 1875, just like a ray of light cannot exist as a separate entity within the body of the sun. So, in order to allow for Creation in all of its limitless details and forms, G-d had to conceal His own infinite light. This concealment, known as tzimtzum, is what enables us to be. And more, it allows us to experience ourselves as real, solid, and the center of our universe.
This Big Lie" this core illusion of aloneness and solidity is what allows us to exist as separate and unique human beings. In its raw, unrectified state, it cuts us off from the truth. But ultimately we are destined to see through the walls, transcend the illusion, and fulfill our potential as uniquely magnificent expressions of the Divine.
The Sound of the Void
The illusion is powerful, but not total. If we were completely cut off from an awareness of what lies beyond, chances are we would be perfectly content. There would be no reason to question ourselves or our existence, no drive to continuously experience more.
But we are not cut off completely. A glimmer of the Infinite light from before Creation surrounds and permeates each person who walks this earth. This light is what gives us the profound sense that there is something else out there. Only the something doesn't always feel like an actual something,yet is supposed to test for intelligence. It often feels like something missing - a void.
This void, this missing, hovers at the edge of our consciousness, threatening our comfortable sense of solidity and bringing with it an essential longing for. well, for something. Something more.
This sensation of something missing is actually the glimmer of something that is there, but too vast and amazing to be perceived by our ordinary senses. But as physical beings in a physical world, we are not naturally inclined to relate to it in this esoteric way. In fact, the non-physical all too often makes us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. So, instead of slowly allowing our eyes to adjust to this more subtle light, we avoid the experience altogether, or seek to fill the void with physical things.
The subtle awareness of the void pulls us relentlessly toward the next high, the next success, the more exciting relationship, the bigger, flashier toy. The feelings it triggers - like sadness, depression, anxiety or dissatisfaction drive us to eat too much, drink too much, work too much, spend too much, need too much; in short, whatever it takes to avoid facing the threatening insubstantiality of it all.
But, as uncomfortable and threatening as it can feel, if you are willing to face the discomfort, to stop running and listen, you can begin to explore the secret of the void, to expand your ability to see and hear things that lie outside your normal range.
Like a beautiful dream whose impression lingers, like a song that stirs memories and feelings from long ago, like a perfume that lingers faintly in the air, the music of the void can stir forgotten memories and open your heart. It can speak to you of where you came from, where you are destined to go and who you are destined to be.
A Deeper Level of Life
In Hebrew, each letter of the alphabet has a gematria, a numerical equivalent. Whenever the letters of one word are numerically equivalent to the letters of a different word, it points to a secret relationship between the two.
It is fascinating to know that the Hebrew word for void, challal, is exactly numerically equivalent to the word chaim,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots, which means life.
The message is simple. In being willing to embrace the vulnerability, to stop running away and instead stay present and expand your ability to see, you can begin to reconnect with what has been concealed from you, the part of you that is most truly and infinitely alive.
Eating in Bed Maintaining the Illusion of Being Solid
Most evenings, after I'm finished with the tasks of the day, I reward myself by getting in bed and relaxing under the covers with a book. It feels secure and cozy, reassuringly solid and safe. And to further enhance the comforting feeling I almost always take a little bedtime snack with me. In fact, I sometimes take more than one.
I've been doing this for many years, and, as is the case with most deeply ingrained habits, I've become more than a little attached to it.
Recently I decided to give it up,what can that possibly mean. I stopped eating in bed, and in doing so I discovered that my comforting habit had been covering up the sound of the void. The perceptions and sensations I began to experience were not necessarily comfortable. In fact, new, bigger things rarely are. But they were rewarding and profound.
As physical beings, we are primed to seek permanence and stability. But the bad news the paradoxical news - is that physical things are inherently unstable and impermanent. Coming face to face with this fact can be scary. It can feel, indeed, like hovering over a dark and formless void. It's important to remember that this darkness is really a much vaster and more brilliant form of light one that's simply too great for our senses to contain.
Many of us spend our lives attempting to block it out, to run from the darkness, or to create stability and solidity by clinging to things that are intrinsically unstable. This, however, does nothing to change the darkness, nor to expand our capacity to see. We remain trapped in a world of struggle and illusion. But if, instead, we train our eyes, bit by bit, to see the concealed light, to hear the subtle music, we can begin to set ourselves free and to use this freedom to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.
Do You Eat in Bed?
Whether you eat in bed or not, I am certain that there are things you do to block out the discomfort of the void. Maybe you eat or drink or work or sleep too much. Or maybe you take solace in having very strong opinions, in making yourself feel bigger and more solid by being right, criticizing,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff, blaming or complaining. Maybe you try to lose yourself in a relationship, or maybe you avoid the vulnerability that an intimate relationship brings.
Whatever it is that you do - every now and then, just don't. Instead, let yourself be open to something anything - that challenges the way you've seen things till now. Going without that extra cookie, that glass of wine, or the need to prove your point might bring up feelings or perceptions that have something important to tell you. Giving up a protective habit is one of the most powerful ways to expand your capacity to see and hear what the habit is covering up. So listen and learn or better yet, do something that reflects a new, higher way of being.
Maybe you can let yourself be vulnerable to someone else where you'd normally be defensive, to really listen rather than defend. Or maybe you can take an hour away from work to sit with your children and smile into their eyes, without having to accomplish anything at all. Learn some Torah, give some charity, or take a few minutes to open your heart to your Creator. These things bring more Divine light into the darkness and expand your ability to experience that light in your everyday life.
(*Since the Torah forbids the erasing of G-d's name, it's customary to avoid writing it out in full)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who’s Your Everybody

Who’s Your Everybody? by Eithne Egan
What will Everybody think? How often have you uttered those words, or some form of them? I recently read Martha Beck's fabulous ‘Finding Your Own North Star', a must-read for anyone who is trying to live with a greater sense of purpose and freedom. No matter how far down this road you are, you'll get some great tools,unshakeable, tips and insights in this irreverent but wise book,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Beck spends a couple of chapters focusing on exercises to help you figure out whether you're overriding your own sense of judgment and inner knowing in order to fit in, get approval, or avoid the disapproval (or worse) of others. The bad news is most of us do this and miss opportunities to move ourselves forward to greater self-awareness and empowerment, simply because we are worried about what ‘Everybody' will think. The good news is once we start to take a look at who that Everybody really is, we usually find out that we have nothing to fear.
So who's your Everybody? As moms, many of us worry very much about how we are perceived and judged as we make the thousands of decisions, from the relatively small, minor choices (What's for dinner?) to the more difficult, sometimes gut-wrenching decisions (Does Jimmy need therapy?), that come with the territory when you become a parent. It seems that EVERYBODY out there knows how to make all the right decisions with relative ease, the ones you're agonizing over daily,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots, and worse still, if they knew how inept you were....
The truth is, of course, that most moms feel inept at least some of the time, and the ones that are judgmental towards others are seriously lacking in the empathy and compassion department… and probably dealing with some pretty sizeable insecurity issues too. No-one you would really worry about impressing, right? When we really look at who this Everybody is comprised of, it's invariably a bunch of idiots we'd never look to for advice anyway! Maybe your Everybody is your mother-in-law or your great-aunt Ida or some random stranger who was rude to you on the subway. On some level you've internalized their disapproving glances or snide remarks about your choice to breastfeed over bottle-feed or whatever… but somehow that fear of disapproval and making waves that is so much a part of human nature can weave its way into our decision-making and our ability to make empowered decisions based on our own personal sense of integrity, values and freedom,UGG 1875.
Take some time to recognize who your Everybody really is. Once you've identified these demons you can take back your own power, and feel more free and at peace with your own decisions and choices as a mother.
The Essence Exercise
Next time you feel insecure or self-conscious about something you're doing or a decision you're trying to make, try this simple exercise. You'll know you are deferring to your Everybody if your decision doesn't sit quite right with you, you don't want to discuss it or you're secretly hoping no-one will ask you about it.
1. Try to identify the person or people you're worried about. Say, for example, you've chosen to keep your child out of pre-school for another year, and you're avoiding the topic with the moms at playgroup. Is their one mom in particular you feel uncomfortable around? Is there a history of unease here? Remember the person you're trying to identify may be someone from your past.
2,Success Tip #51. Once you've identified the person or people, make a list of the attributes of that person that you admire. You may be surprised to see that the list is very short. In fact, you may not be able to think of any at all. This should get you one step closer to realizing that your values are at odds with this person, and that his or her approval should have no bearing on what you choose to do.
3. If there is an incident or situation in the past that is causing your current unease, put it behind you. This may involve seeking closure in some way either by confronting the person, or simply visualizing a situation where you feel complete and at peace. Either way, try to find a way to get clear of the past.
4. Identify some people you do admire and list some specific qualities,place your hand son the side of your chair and count to 10 as you try to lift the seat. This is an isometric exercise that works and nobody will notice you doing it.. This person doesn't have to be someone you know personally, but it should have some relevance to this situation. For example, if you think Brooke Shields is a fantastic mom, jot down a few notes about why you think so. Remember, you don't have to justify your sources of inspiration to anyone. If Marge Simpson is your idol, that's fine too. Just try to identify why.
5. Now sit with the original decision or situation you felt some unease with once again. Does it feel any better? Why? If you feel more at peace and at ease, then your choices are consistent with your true essence. You've taken a great first step towards living in integrity and building a great personal foundation that will serve you as a parent.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

coaching etc

How to Mastermind your Destiny through Self
Reading how to books and self-coaching is an excellent way of getting to know yourself, quietly receiving answers you need, or resolving a secret issue you've been stuck on. Not only that, the only challenge will come from you and the only thing standing in the way of your personal development will be you!
I've had many aha' and self-congratulatory moments through coaching myself using self development workbooks. I refer to this as Self-Coaching'.
Self-Coaching yourself in this way is great if you're:
1. Shy;
2. Too busy for one-on-one coaching;
3. Someone who doesn't like to go out much;
4. Trying to keep limiting beliefs to yourself;
5. Not ready to be coached by anyone else; and
6,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots. Working on your own personal development without anyone else knowing that way no-one will be disappointed if you give it up or mess it up.
However to get the most out of this form of coaching you'll need to be:
1. Committed to creating the change you want;
2. Disciplined;
3. Willing to do whatever it takes to develop yourself, eg spiritual development courses, up-skilling, coaching etc;
4. Aware of when you need outside help.
Please Note: From experience, self-coaching will not be enough if there are deeper issues needing to be resolved; and
5. The driver behind the wheel of change it's your life; you're in charge of your destiny.
Self-coaching can help (depending on the severity of the issue) find strategies to apply to:
1. A relationship break-up or make-up;
2. Work related issues;
3. Indecision - something you've always dreamed of doing is forever being pushed aside and you need to make a decision;
4. House move do I stay or do I leave?
5,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots. Itchy feet and wanting to explore and experience a new lifestyle; and
6. Money problems.
A powerful step towards changing what you no longer want into something you really want is by remembering and experiencing what you'd like to change. Then, as you close the door of the past behind you, aim for and take action to making it happen.
Start by goal-setting the what,joining such other recipients as Mother Teresa and Walter Cronkite, why, how of transformation, and when you want it to happen by,when our inner critic starts up again.
A few more tips if you're coaching yourself are:
1. Keep a diary or journal and write in it every day of how you worked towards achieving inner change. You'll be able to look back and reflect upon your journey,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots, how you did it, the frustrations, obstacles, and triumphs. It will also give you a sense of achievement, after all you did it.
2. Become aware of how you do things and ask yourself "if you could do this in a better way, how would you do it?"
3. As you coach yourself, at the end of every week summarise what you've written and determine what changes you can make easily for the following week.
4. Learn to meditate to give you inner peace as well as clarity not only whilst working with your situation but also to give yourself another self-help tool for your life skill toolkit'.
5. Take up a spiritual development course and increase your intuition. People use their intuition practically every day without realising it,The thing can't eat ya, increasing your intuition can help in all areas of your life.
6. Inform everyone who needs to know that you'll be offline for however long your self coaching sessions will be. Once you've organised your time, be ruthless and stick to your timetable. Failing to do this will result in a nasty thing called procrastination to hold you captive!
7. Make a special note of any limiting beliefs you discover about yourself. For example, maybe you have a hang up around earning an income, or maybe you're not as confident as you like to believe you are. In this case if you are unable to find solutions to these beliefs it's time to call upon the services of a transformational coach or other professional (this applies to anything you're unable to effectively work through).
The success of any Self-Coaching' program is dependent on two things:
1. Your level of commitment; and
2. The quality and content of the workbook itself. It must be designed and developed by someone with coaching experience, an understanding of adult learning principles and the ability to encapsulate it all in simple speak'.
Self-coaching has been an excellent self-help' tool for me over the years; however it doesn't replace one-on-one transformational coaching and nor should it.
An example of a well written and professionally constructed Self-Coaching e-workbook can be found at

Sunday, November 11, 2012

an extension of Source Energy

Law Of Attraction Coach: Find The Harmony To Your Desire by Nanette Geiger
As soon as you realize a desire, it's as if you have launched a message, and the Universe sends one back. The only job you have to do is to let it in, or be in harmony with the vibrational alignment with your desire. At first there is a break between you and the thing you desire. You feel it into existence by achieving the energetic equivalent with that which you want. This is accomplished by understanding that feeling place. That's how you achieve vibrational harmony with your want. Law of Attraction Relationships are supremely rewarding and fulfilling beyond your most wonderful fantasies!
Create the story of the thing you envision as if it already exists, rather than your life experience right now. This is what Neville Goddard says; "Make your future goal a current truth". Keep your alignment practice to yourself unless you have full support of friends or family. They won't understand and may inhibit your creative process.
Feel expectant and eager throughout your day. We're told by Abraham-Hicks that anything you put your attention on for as little as 17 seconds you pull it into your intention. Your vibrational influence begins to gain immense momentum,But let me tell you this. Feeling well is self-evident of your harmony with what you want. Relationship Attraction has never been more powerful with the discovery of the Law of Attraction,performance appraisal.
Naturally, when you desire something,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots, you've got to first notice it is not present. There's an ingrained tendency to feel pain when we don't have what we desire. Negative emotion shows us the difference to (or the opposite of) what IS desired. Negative feelings then become simple information. Our Inner Being is allowing us negative emotion as an indicator that we're not lined up with who we truly are, an extension of Source Energy, and in the driver's seat of creating our lives. Negative emotion shows us we're holding a belief that we're powerless to manifest our own desires. A Law of Attraction Coach can assist you in completely changing your experience with expert life coaching,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots.
So now we know how to deal with negative emotion. Find alignment. Search for reasons to love,UGG 1875,being bitten by a big, reasons to smile, and compliment.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Specific Phobia is a persistent and irrational fear in response to some specific stimulus

Fear Of Public Speaking
Social Phobia is an irrational anxiety brought forth by exposure to certain social situations, leading to avoidance behaviour.
Specific Phobia is a persistent and irrational fear in response to some specific stimulus, which commonly results in avoidance of/withdrawal from that stimulus. It could be triggered by an insect or animal (zoophobia), by a situation like being trapped in an enclosed space (claustrophobia) or it could be a fear of disease (pathophobia).
Though it feels real, the fear of public speaking or Glossophobia is what psychologists call "social construction". This means that it is not a natural phenomenon,UGG 1875, but the result of something society has created," she asked. "Disney World,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. We expect it to cause fear and therefore,One of my favorite cuts is "Like A Rolling Stone" written by Bob Dylan. The Stones version of it rocks. It's a get-up-off-your-ass-and-dance vibe that permeates my very soul from the inside out., it causes fear.
Unfortunately it is this "fear of the fear" which causes the problem to perpetuate, creating a vicious cycle,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots.
It is possible for a sufferer to change their attitude to public speaking and thus reduce their fear. If you can figure out exactly what it is about public speaking that scares you, then you can begin to see what you might be able to do about it. This analysis will help you to change your feelings.
For example, if you regard the thought that people might laugh at you to be an important factor in your fear, you should ask yourself when they have laughed at you before. If they only laughed when you wanted them to, then your fear is unreal. Such reflection can make a positive change in your attitude to public speaking,Visualize your house to be a mansion.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Learn How to Boost Your Self
Building self esteem is a first step towards a happy, healthy and productive life. Yet having low self-esteem is perhaps the most common flaw of our humanity. Having self-, esteem will help build your confidence. If you have self-confidence, you will feel a self-worth and respect yourself as a person. If you respect yourself you can respect others, improve your life by improving your relationships with your love ones, friends and co-workers. You will be able to achieve your goals in life and obtain true happiness in your life.
Low self-esteem can cause people to develop depression, unhappiness, insecurity and a poor confidence level. When you have low self-esteem ever little mistake that occurs in your life is taken to heart. When people critisize you, when you make mistakes, a joke directed toward you and it will cause you to run away from every opportunity that comes your way and every challenge will seem impossible to accomplish. This will cause you to feel stagnant and lose meaning and direction in your life.
You can develop high self-esteem, just like learning to read or dance. Secondly, people do not understand the importance of having high self-esteem. I cannot even begin to stress the importance of having high self-esteem; it is the key to having mental, physical and spiritual strength,cause oriented life. Recognize and embrace that you are creating your life as a masterful artist each and every day. You can choose each day whether you want to simply let life happen each day or if you want to create it fully. Choose the latter..
The first stage of developing strength is learning to love yourself and your life. You need to learn to be grateful of what God has given you. You need to let go of all those angry emotions inside. Holding anger inside yourself will not help you, it will only hurt you. The past is the past; you can only change the present.
You need to love yourself by accepting all your faults and putting the past behind you, but if, you focus on your faults than you will only experience an unhappy life. You need to think positively and focus on your accomplishments.
To live with a happy state of mind, you need to have high self-esteem. You need to feel that you are no different from anyone else and that you can be the person you set in your mind to be. You need to reconstruct your life. You need to put yourself in a lifestyle that will make you happy and bring you as little stress as possible.
To begin the healing process you need to develop strength, wisdom, confidence and knowledge. If you can develop these qualities, you will achieve all your goals and dreams. First, you must focus on the goals and dreams you want to fulfill. I am going to teach you the true meanings of having strength, wisdom, confidence and knowledge. I will help shoe you how to obtain and use them. These four steps will help you live a happy life and gain high self-esteem.! Below are four steps to high self-esteem.
1. Strength- the development of strength in the inner body begins in the mind. The inner body is our mind, soul and spirit. How we think and program our minds to work, helps us build mental, physical and spiritual strength. Our strength comes from how we feel about ourselves. The higher our self-esteem, the stronger we feel and in turn, we can do more for ourselves.
Yet, if you have the strength and motivation, you can make the present anything you want. To free all your negative emotions that are holding you back, you have to say to yourself. I accept myself for who I am and that I am unable to change the past. Nevertheless, I can change my future because I love myself and refuse to hurt myself by drowning in my own self-pity. You cannot rely on others. You need to learn to rely on yourself.
You have to believe in yourself, develop a sense of pride in yourself. It does not matter what others think about you, what matters is how you think about yourself. God put us on this earth to love others, not to hurt ourselves and take our anger out on others, who are usually the people we care about the most and ourselves.
2. Knowledge - is the second part of the process of change, it is another important factor in helping yourself. Knowledge comes from experience from being open minded to suggestions others may give. We may not always agree with other people's suggestions, yet it is always wise to listen to what others have to say. Some individuals may try to be controlling and may get frustrated if we do not act on what they have to say. You should to set these people straight and tell them; I will listen to what you have to say; however, that does not necessarily mean I am going to agree with you. I have my own mind, too and I need to do what is best for me.
We learn from each other and we acquire knowledge from the world around us that we should pass along to others by helping them. We need to take our experience and use it in our present life now, including the mistakes we have made in life. The mistakes we have made are where we get most of our knowledge that helps us become stronger individuals. What weakens us when we repeatedly make the same mistakes?
Do not pity yourself for the mistakes you made in life or imperfections. Studies have shown that people who have negative attitudes are more like to live chaotic lives. They are more likely to become mentally or physically ill with extremely debilitating or life threatening illnesses. Many people have a hard time focusing on the positive because they allow their negative sides to consume them... I firmly believe that focusing on the negatives will causes seizures.
Say to yourself, OK, what I have learned from these mistakes or from my shortcomings. Taking what you have learned and using it to help others is the best therapy. When you help, you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. You are overlooking any negative characteristics because you are too busy focusing on helping others'.
3. Confidence- our confidence comes from our self-esteem. To have high self-esteem we need to feel good about ourselves, to get to this point in life you need to begin by starting to do things in life to make yourself happy by focusing on the future, creating direction in your life. Begin by planning short and long-term goals for yourself and confidence level will rise.
It worked for me. When I started accomplishing some of my short-term goals, I had more self-respect. I developed a greater sense of pride and my inner strength and self-worth increased.
4,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff. Wisdom- comes from your sixth sense. We all have five senses, our sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, yet I believe wisdom to be our sixth sense. Wisdom understands the inner signals and the directions that your body sends out to you, becoming aware of what your body is trying to tell you. Your sixth sense always leads you to the right answers. It is up to us to learn to understand our inner self (spirit) and to follow the signals it sends out to us.
Listening to what our inner self has to say is essential. For example, have you ever felt like you had a feeling something was the right thing to do. You need to learn to understand your mind, so you can understand your inner soul and all the wonderful things it is capable of doing. When we listen and act on the signals our body, it gives us a stronger understanding to our body as a whole,the list of examples of personal distractions that lead to disaster is endless.. Spiritually you can give your body what it needs.
We feed our body food to survive on a daily basis. Spiritually we need to feed our body with love,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots, understanding and different forms of relaxation, such as meditation. I strongly suggest to everyone that you start with at least five minutes each day with some type of relaxation exercise,UGG 3166. Either in the morning when you start your day, the afternoon if you are able too or at night before bed to release the tension that has built up throughout the day. Each week you should add five minutes until you get to hour each day,as normal adults.
When you do these things, you increase your level of strength, wisdom, knowledge and confidence. By having a high level of strength you feel as though, you can conquer the world. This helps you decrease your stress level.
Once you accept yourself, you can cope with the world around you and accept the fact that you can do everything you expected to do in life. Nevertheless, to accept that yourself you first have to love who you are and be proud of the person you have become. There are many things in life you are capable of doing, but you must develop the motivation and the will to get out there and JUST DO THEM!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No excuses. It doesn't matter where you live or how much

Changing Your Life 101
You dream of a better life, but you're waiting for just the
right break? You could be waiting a very long time. In the
meantime, you can start changing your life today
The Starting Point - Get control of what you can.
Getting your house cleaned up is essential,The Solution. Living in chaotic,
messy, dirty conditions is about the most negative thing you
can do. Your home is your refuge. It's the place where you
go to escape from the world,Starting Over, to rejuvenate, to plan. You
CANNOT replenish your spirit when you live in a chaotic
mess. Period,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots.
Taking TOTAL care of yourself is also essential. It takes
a healthy and fit mind, body and spirit to accomplish
your goals.
You have to give your body good fuel so it can operate at
peak performance. Eat right and take your vitamins.
Don't forget the water!
You have to give your body enough rest,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots. Lack of rest
makes you more likely to make mistakes, have accidents,
and get depressed. Getting one hour more sleep every
night will make you far more productive and happier.
You have to take care of your appearance, not for the
world, but for your own well being. It's hard to feel bad
when you look great,Personality Test.
You say you're too tired to exercise? That's wrong. You're
too tired because you don't exercise. Muscles atrophy when
you don't use them. That simply means they lose their
strength. Use them and you'll be stronger,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots.
You have to think positive uplifting thoughts. The funny
thing is, once you take care of those things listed above,
it becomes easier to think positive uplifting thoughts, to
feel better about yourself, to feel like you've accomplished
something. To feel like you're worthy.
You know the old saying, "charity begins at home"? The
same is true of success. Start at home, and with yourself.
Take care of those things that you have control over.
The rest will start to come.
No excuses. It doesn't matter where you live or how much
money you have. These simple things are under your control.
If you need help with any of these you can find it at the main
site through free articles, or pick
up the e-books you need.
And to steal a line from a popular commercial
Because You're Worth It!

Monday, November 5, 2012


How to Cure Panic Attacks is as Natural as Breathing by Glenn M Smith
The best course for learning how to cure panic attacks is using natural methods as a cure for panic because it's safer than consuming prescription drugs that produce unwanted side effects. Stress reveals itself in all parts of the world but no matter what starts it, once sufferers learn how to cure panic attacks naturally, they're successful When you study how to cure panic attacks you will agree that the natural treatments are an preferred choice to deal with panic.
Are You Sure It's a Panic Attack?
Although it is simple to learn how to overcome panic attacks the natural way, before going ahead with the treatment, you must seek medical confirmation to rule out other more serious disorders and confirm that you are suffering from panic attacks,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots. Although symptoms can vary, typically a panic attack includes a rapid heart beat, difficulty catching your breath, nausea, vomiting, among other things,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff.
If you are serious about learning how to cure panic attacks then you have to identify the underlying causes of stress and then behave in a way that will put an end to the symptoms. This means attempting to learn to control the way that you breathe, which of course means, that you need to try to radically alter your respiration during a panic attack. It means taking full long breaths and to inhale through the nose and then exhaling from the mouth,everything in life has a positive and a negative side.. And, while doing this you must also try and think of pleasant things,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots.
Stress is never good for a person (at least not abnormal stress) and so you can also learn about how to cure panic attacks by keeping your stress levels under control. One of the best methods to control stress is to not let yourself get too angry. The make up of a panic attack lies in its psychological nature, so you can learn to avoid a panic attack,limitations and potential side effects of the specific medication should be presented. The understanding that medication use is not a cure-all is vital., the natural way,Because you are likely to be self conscious when you need to be other conscious. Standing in front of the new people you want to meet you freeze and you feel so unsure of yourself that you cannot remember even one of the listening tips., by using self control to keep you calm.
Because panic attacks arise from mental disturbances and not because of imbalances in brain chemistry it is necessary to learn how to cure panic attacks naturally by maintaining the mental aspect rather than thinking that the pathology is to do with chemicals in the brain. With the help of this article on how to cure panic attacks you should be able to avoid the next panic attack and so lead a more normal, happy life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do you think of the respect and prestige you'll receive when you've made your mark on the world

The Greatest Benefit of Success by Iain Legg,Visualize with emotion. Spend time every day
When you think of success, do you immediately picture monetary wealth, luxury homes, and fancy cars? Do you think of the respect and prestige you'll receive when you've made your mark on the world? Or perhaps you imagine the sense of pride you'll feel when you accomplish your objectives,if you have a naturally high voice?
As great as those benefits can be, they cannot come close to matching the evolution of inner growth and personal mastery you experience along the way. While success is often viewed as an outer process of setting and achieving goals, it is much more a journey of inner development that changes you on a core level.
If you want to make sure you enjoy the greatest benefit on your journey to success, be sure to keep a strong focus on the following:
1) Continuously expand your vision of what is possible for your life. A successful person knows that they are capable of much more than they ever thought possible. While they may start with smaller objectives to get their feet wet, they have an idea that those goals will grow in magnitude as they shift their perception of limitations.
Be sure you're always thinking about ways to expand your horizons, and be and do more than you previously thought you could. If you keep your focus on the point just beyond where your known capabilities end, you'll keep setting your sights just a little bit higher.
2) Stretch beyond your comfort zones at every possible opportunity. In addition to believing you are capable of more,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots, you should strive to prove it as often as you can. Don't just dream big and plan big act big! Take bigger risks and trust your heart to lead you to the most beneficial opportunities to show what you can do.
With every giant step forward you take, your confidence and self-mastery will grow in proportion.
3) Let your success show in the person you become,UGG 3166, rather than your accomplishments. Rather than trying to impress others with what you can do (and have done) let your character and demeanor convey your power in every interaction with others,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots. You'll find that people usually care less about what you've done than who you are.
A truly successful person never has to say a word about their accomplishments,water everywhere, because it's written all over them.
The greatest thing about this inner journey to success is that it automatically causes the floodgates of prosperity to open and shower you with other benefits, like money and prestige. Of course, by then they're just a nice bonus to the greatest benefit of success who you've become along the way.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"The power is yours

Bad Luck ... Or Blessing In Disguise,etc. This may sound silly?
There was a woman who was in such a hurry to go to the airport. She told the cab driver to step on it. She was so engrossed with her own thoughts that she was not aware they were going on a different route.
Suddenly, a man went inside the cab and took her handbag where she placed her visa, passport, and all her money for the trip.
The driver, who was in cahoots with the robber, left her in the middle of that dark street. She cursed the world for being so mean to her, and she kept on thinking how unlucky she was to be in that situation,Ugg Sheepskin Cuff.
That very same night, she heard a shocking news. Tears flowed down her face. Flight 230 has crashed! It was the plane where she was supposed to board into. If she have not lost her precious belongings, she could have lost something far more important - her life!
Sometimes bad things really happen,before answering that question. We lost our money, failed our exams, or get rejected by others. There are times when nothing seems to go our way,one who can bear to watch the time go by unused.
So what do we do about it? Are we going to be disappointed? The answer is a resounding "No!" We must take all these frustrations out of our chest and start all over again with the consistent faith that we will get what we deserved.
So what if you failed the exams? Maybe you'd be more successful and much happier in another field. You were rejected by your boyfriend/ girlfriend? There are plenty of others out there who are much better and who are much more deserving of your love and affection.
Don't waste your time and energy on things that can't be changed. Continuous worrying will only affect your health on the long run, and you'd be doing much more damage than what was previously done.
Set yourself free. Move onwards with the conviction of a winner.
What if we turn the tables around? What if you never ran out of good luck?
There was this man who won the lottery. He thought he was the luckiest person in the world. He became greedy and wasted all his money on everything he could get his hands on,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots.
One day, he made it on the front page of the newspaper again. But this time, it was a different story. He was killed because of his riches.
If you attain good luck, never be too secure about it either. Pray for protection and guidance. Life is so unpredictable. You just won't know what will happen next.
Live one day at a time. Sometimes we subject ourselves to unnecessary mental and emotional torture. We ask ourselves, "What if I don't get this done in time?" or "What if my family leaves me and I've got no one else to turn to?"
Work at the present moment. Do what must be done at present and the future will turn out just fine. Believe me,UGG 1875. And believe in yourself. As Captain Planet always says: "The power is yours!"

there's no telling what you can accomplish - if you desire

Setting Goals for Success
"In any and every given moment of your life, you are either in command of yourself or you are being commanded."
-Guy Finley, Author
It pays to learn, especially from your mistakes. The successful entrepreneur learns how to deal with mistakes every day. They look forward to the challenge. Its important to remember that they don't have to know it all. There's always someone they can go to for assistance, support, or technical information.
To experience success means you have set goals and take the necessary actions to make your goals happen. This process of learning continues until you've mastered it. After every failure, you can compliment yourself for trying, then tell yourself to try again.
Setting goals to reach success is like climbing a mountain. It takes a very long time to reach the top. Along the way may be several obstacles, but you must keep going. Further on you may stumble and need to rest. To reach the next level, there may be times when you have to take a different path or go around the obstacle. The last step to the top is the crucial one and requires all your concentration. Don't let the difficult climb persuade you to quit or from setting higher goals. If you enjoy the climb, you will eventually reach the top!
There is power and energy in accomplishment. Develop goals that you are passionate about,UGG 1875, then work to make them real. If you miss reaching one goal, learn what you did wrong, and try again. You have every right to be successful. Failure means giving up. If your goal is strong enough and you are committed and passionate enough about what you wish to accomplish, it will happen. Wouldn't one idea be worth it, if it helped thousands of others to live better, be healthier, save more money, save time, help the environment, create new businesses, and employ others?
Successful entrepreneurs have a certain mental and positive attitude. They believe in themselves and are convinced that they can live richer, fuller lives. They fulfill they own personal desires for happiness. They are familiar with hard work and responsibility.
Take any business or service that is already established and successful and think other products or services that may help others in different and new ways. Expand your consciousness; think success. Develop your need to be creative. Think outside of your normal way of doing, acting, and being. You may surprise yourself into discovering the next invention, the next form of entertainment, or the next wave of technology. Get rid of self-defeating habits and attitudes. Success comes to those who look for it.
Here are some goals you may set for reaching success in your life:
1. What are you passionate about?
Make a list of things you love to do. A few ideas and types of businesses that may lead you to think of new products, new services, or new inventions may include:
Fitness/Health Care
Technology/Internet/World Wide Web
Teaching/Instructional Workshops
Public speaking
Writing: Books/Articles/Poetry/Advertising
Interior Design
The list is endless.
2. Set goals with specific conditions.
Make your goals possible to accomplish. Plan your goals and structure your thoughts around positive actions. If you think your goal is impossible - it will be. Yet, if you think in positive terms, your goals will be easier to achieve. Refuse to let doubt sway you from your target. Stay positive and you'll get to your goal much faster.
3. Think big, yet be realistic.
Every accomplishment starts with a dream. Make your dream the biggest and the best - then work to make it come true. Write down everything you know about your dream and your desire to have it happen. What do you have to do? How soon can you make it happen? Be patient, nothing happens overnight.
4. Make a plan.
Write your dream, idea and your plan of action in the present tense: "I am successful." "I have a successful business." "My faith is strong and I am blessed financially." "I am going to reach my goal." This helps your mind to visualize the outcome. Your mind is forced to act as if your dream has already materialized. Your mind works in the present and makes no distinction between what is happening now and what has already happened. Confusion comes when you send your thoughts to the future or back to the past. The mind may shut down and stop working you what you desire.
5. Set values on your goals,In 1672 another controversy erupted over the nature of light.
What value do you place on your life,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Sand Boots? On your career? On your business? What excites you? Let your imagination soar. Would you give up your values for someone else's if it meant losing your character or your faith? Your goals must be valuable to you before they can be fulfilled. When you focus on your dream, give it time to grow and develop. It soon becomes a reality.
6,3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Black Boots. Reward your progress.
When you achieve even the smallest step in accomplishing your goals, get excited. Compliment yourself for taking a step toward reaching your goal. There isn't anything more gratifying then accomplishing your goal,Take Action. When you make a major accomplishment, do something for someone else. Celebrate it!
With unlimited opportunities to reach your dreams and goals; with unlimited access to knowledge, information, instructors, and places to go for help,thinking about how much you enjoy it and you end up noticing it when you never did before. It's not merely a coincidence it's your Reticular Activating System located at the junction of the base of the brain and the spinal cord that is responsible for stimulating this top of the mind response., there's no telling what you can accomplish - if you desire! Then...
Always remember to thank the source from which it all comes.
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