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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

you moved one… In my experience

How To Use Rejection To Fuel Success… by Marion M. Chamberlain
I don't think that there is one person out there who hasn't encountered rejection in one form or the other in his/her life. Many of us have heard about Colonel Sanders, who upon retirement, decided to take his chicken recipe on the road and convince others that he had the best recipe out there. How many times do you think he encountered rejection? Or how about being rejected by someone you had a crush on in high school,sneaking back into the office when their boss isn't working,5803 Ugg Bailey Button Chocolate Boots? Did you decide to never fall in love again? No, you moved one… In my experience,1875 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Short Black Boots,5803 Ugg Bailey Button Grey Boots, people quite often develop the "I'll show you" attitude after being rejected. In both the business and personal world, what sets apart successful people is how they've taken the lessons learned from rejection and applied them into action.
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So, let's first look at some common characteristics of successful people before we look at how to use rejection to fuel your own success,5803 Ugg Bailey Button Sand Boots. People who are able to turn around rejection are:
* Resilient and bounce back quickly
* Persistent and don't give up
* Creative and think about how to turn around the situation
* Self-confident and don't take rejection personal
* Responsible and realize that the choice is always theirs
Now, let's look at three simple steps to help you fuel your own success and turn around your response to rejection:
1. Decide not to take the situation personal.
* Immediately detach yourself from any feelings of failure or hurt.
* Look at the situation as a positive learning lesson and stay away from complaining to others who can't really help you.
2. Take full responsibility for your success,the most debated idea by the self help books.
* Know that:
* The person rejecting you is not responsible for your success.
* You control your own destiny.
* Turning the situation around is up to you.
3,5838 Ugg Bailey Button Bomber Jacket Chestnut Boots. Write out your action plan to turn around the situation.
* Write down what you could have done differently if you were in the situation again,UGG 1875.
* Then determine what your ideal outcome is.
* Prepare an outline of all possible actions to achieve such.
* Commit to one action, take time to visualize how you'll handle the situation and then immediately put into action.
* Go back to your list until you achieve success. Repetition and consistency is key to learning.
• Don't forget – successful people don't give up!
So often people cave in to fear and let rejection hold them back. However, I'm certain that if you're reading this newsletter, you're not like that. You're one of those who is risk-averse will "go out there and show them",3166 Ugg Sheepskin Cuff Tall Sand Boots!

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